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Climate change and air pollution

Spatial correlation network structure of carbon productivity from the livestock sector in China and its driving factors: a perspective of social network analysis

by Li M. Xiao H. Pan Z.

Climate change mitigation and adaptation

Exploring the spatial correlation network structure of provincial livestock carbon productivity and its driving factors can provide new policy perspectives for realizing the synergy of regional pollution and carbon reduction. This study constructs 2006-2021 panel data models by social network...

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Study on the Impact of China's Digital Economy on Agricultural Carbon Emissions

by Tong L. Wang C. Qi Q. Ma S. Mei J.

Ecology, environmental change and management

Under the background of China's “double carbon” goal, digital economy has become an important way to reduce carbon emissions in China. This paper utilizes the provincial panel data of China from 2012 to 2022, introduces the perspective of agricultural science and technology innovation, empirically...

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Can customer ESG performance improve corporate carbon emission productivity? --An empirical study from listed companies in China

by Mei J.

Ecology, environmental change and management

With the increasing awareness of sustainable development, the ESG performance has become a focal point for both companies and their stakeholders. This study, Chinese A-share listed companies as an example, constructs a sample of paired enterprises and customers to examine the impact of customer ESG...

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by Periyanan A. Palanivelrajan S.

Air Quality

In recent days air quality has been very poor in urban society due to a lot of industries, vehicles and so on. To overcome poor quality, an air quality prediction is much needed to manage an urban area and control pollution. In this article, deep learning (DL) namely a Modified Gated Recurrent Unit...

Air Pollution Monitoring Model in Real-time with cloud based Channel Ranging and Stego Privacy Preservation

by Radhakrishnan C. Asokan R.

Air Quality

Monitoring air quality in polluted environments is crucial for human health, but traditional methods using meteorological equipment have limitations in complex terrains and are costly. This study proposes a novel approach to address air pollution monitoring in urban areas by visually assessing the...

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Circular economy

Effect of Dry Mix Alkali Activated Slag Binder Composite Properties Cured in Ambient Condition

by Rajesh K.N. Sudam P.A. Naidu G.D.R. Raju P.M. Sowjanya P.N. Rajani M.

Solid Waste Management

A dry mix (solution-free) alkali-activated slag (a primary cementitious material) and/or fly ash based binder composition is developed that can be cast in-site and consequently cured at ambient temperature. Mortar specimens were cast by mixing slag and or fly ash, river sand, powder form alkaline...

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Magnesite Mine Waste as a Sustainable Binder for Low-Fines Self-Compacting Concrete: Engineering Property and Ecological Impact

by Shunmuga Vembu P.R. Ammasi A.K.

Solid Waste Management

Mine waste management has become a global concern due to its environmental and health impacts, as well as the high cost of disposal. Recent advancements focus on recycling mine waste into resources using effective conservation methods and waste management systems. The building sector, a major...

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Chlorophyll-Enriched Chitosan-CuO-ZnO Nanoparticles for Antimicrobial Activities

by Khan M.J. Saeed S. Draz U. Abid M. Ejaz R. Aghayeva S. Almutairi S.M. Talha N.T.B. Iqbal R.

Environmental Management and Policies

Chitosan-doped copper oxide and zinc oxide nanoparticles (CuO-CS-ZnO NPs) were prepared utilizing sol-gel synthesis route. Chlorophyll was added in the process of making NPs to enhance the effects of these NPs. The prepared NPs were thoroughly analyzed using advanced techniques including X-ray...

Water and wastewater

Urban flood detection with the augmentation of gradient boosting and machine learning for prior warning sign over vulnerable zones

by Saravanabhavan C. Sherubha P. Swathika R. Ravi C.

Urban environment and health

Urban flooding has severely threatened the ecosystem and human life in recent years. The key to managing stormwater is to understand what causes it. The forceful effects of building shape on urban floods should be addressed, which results in a significant underestimation of flood danger. Algorithms...

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