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Screening on the sorption of emerging contaminants to polystyrene and polyethylene and use of coagulation – flocculation process for microplastics’ removal


Olga Arvaniti et al. View all

Microplastics in water treatment: fate, toxicity assessment and removal technologies

In this study, preliminary experiments were conducted to investigate the sorption potential of different organic micropollutants to polystyrene and polyethylene and to examine the removal efficiency of these microplastics during coagulation experiments with iron and manganese coagulants. For the...

microplastics Water +4 more

Aeolian Dust Inputs in the Mediterranean and Black Sea Marine System


Vasileios Kotinas et al. View all

Marine environment and coastal management

The aim of this paper is to estimate the amount of aeolian dust, deposited by dry and wet processes, that is deposited to the eleven marine regions of the Mediterranean-Black Sea Marine System (MBMS) and to compare it to the riverine influxes (i.e. suspended and dissolved sediment loads). This...

Marine Regions Sahara dust +2 more

Modeling for Mitigating Storm Water Unban Flooding and Water Quality Issues by Using Small Serial Dams: A Case Study of the City of San Angelo


Tae Jin Kim et al. View all

Environmental data analysis and modelling

The City of San Angelo has been imposed on urban flooding and no-point source pollution and develop storm water monitoring and modeling project for managing these storm water issues. This study focuses on the stormwater peak flow reduction and water pollutant improvement by using small serial...

Best Management Practice Multiple Regression Equation +3 more

Endoglucanase Activity of Novel Aspergillus sydowii Isolate WIU-01 and Application for Hydrophyte Degradation


>Zhenbin Wu et al. View all

Solid Waste Management

Many eutrophic lakes contain rapidly growing hydrophytes. Overgrown biomass is usually me-chanically harvested and thrown away, leading to resource waste and secondary environmental pollution. Microbial degradation is an economically and environmentally friendly approach for managing hydrophytic...

Cellulolytic fungus endoglucanase +3 more

Influence of fertilization systems to the soil inorganic compounds. Case study: monocul-tures of cereals, leguminous and oleaginous


Emilian Mosnegutu et al. View all

Soil and groundwater contamination and remediation

The main objective of this article is to observe the variation of the content of inorganic compounds in the soil (cobalt, selenium, barium) under the influence of fertilization systems applied to different monocultures of cereals (wheat, corn), leguminous (peas) and oleaginous (sunflower). High...

inorganic compounds fertilization systems +1 more

Enhanced photocatalytic degradation of Remazol Black under visible light illumination through S doped TiO2 (S-TiO2) nanoparticles: Operational factors and kinetic study


Endang Tri Wahyuni et al. View all

Water and Wastewater Treatment

The degradation of Remazol Black (RBB) by S-TiO2 photocatalyst was investigated. X-ray diffraction, fourier-transform infrared spectroscopy, scanning electron microscopy, transmission electron microscopy, and UV-vis specular reflectance spectroscopy has been used to characterize S-TiO2. The results...

Kinetic photocatalyst +3 more

Removal efficiency of antibiotics from water through constructed wetlands, a review


Xue Gang et al. View all

Water and Wastewater Treatment

Contamination in water bodies with antibiotics and resistance genes is becoming an increasing threat to global health. Overuse of antibiotics has become a serious ecological problem worldwide. There is growing concern that antibiotics are losing their effectiveness due to increased antibiotic...

Antibiotic contamination Biological Degradation +3 more

A Study on Cement-free Geopolymer Concrete incorporated with industrial waste Cured at Open Environment for different molarities of sodium hydroxide


M SASI REKHA et al. View all

Air Quality

Nowadays, the increase in population and industrial growth that generates lot of waste products which creates disposal problems and severe environmental hazards. The cement industry is one of the important sectors which liberates greenhouse gas such as carbon dioxide. The consumption of waste...

Greenhouse emission Sustainable development +7 more

The utilization of okra leaves as an agricultural waste for the removal of As(III) and As(V)


Chandio Zaheer Ahmed et al. View all

Water and Wastewater Treatment

In the present study the sorption efficiency of okra leave sorbent for As(III) and As(V) is demonstrated. Sorption reaction is pH and time dependent. The sorbent shows maximum removal of As(III) and As(V) at pH 7 and pH 6 respectively and equilibrium was achieved at 180 minutes. In isotherm study...

Okra sorption +3 more

Evaluating the effect of the statistical downscaling method on monthly precipitation estimates of global climate models


Ozbuldu M et al. View all

Climate change mitigation and adaptation

Researches to foresee the possible effects of climate change on the environment and living beings for taking necessary precautions on time have increased in recent years. In the improvement of these studies, especially the reduction of estimation errors by downscaling the outputs of global climate...

GCM Statistical downscaling +2 more

Environmental Sensitivity Index Analysis for coastal protection of oil spill in Fakfak, Papua, Indonesia

by et al. View all

Marine environment and coastal management

This study was conducted to analysis of the Environmental Sensitivity Index (ESI) for anticipating the effect of oil spills on the environment in coastal areas. The study location is the coastal area and waters of the Karas District, Fakfak Regency, West Papua Province, Indonesia. The purpose of the...

ESI Coastal Management +5 more

Copper recovery by slurry electrolysis using ionic liquids from waste printed circuit boards


Muhammad Tariq Sarwar et al. View all


The regulatory framework of heavy metal pollution associated with electronic waste is prevalent all over the world. As a result of technological advancement and change in consumer patterns, the life span of electrical and electronic products has been shortened. This has contributed to the emergence...

copper metal leaching different ionic liquids +2 more

Modification of Corn stalk for high-performance adsorption of Coomassie Brilliant blue dye in simulated polluted water: Kinetic study


Nahla. A. Taha, Ahmed. Zattot, Eman Mohamed

Water and Wastewater Treatment

In the present work, corn stalk was used as a low cost adsorbent for removal of anionic dye (" CBB"). Corn stalk was treated with two methods to inform Modified corn stalk with magnetic particles (MMCS) and Modified corn stalk with sulfuric acid (SMCS). Comparison between raw and treated corn stalk...

Coomassie Brilliant blue anionic dye +3 more

Applicability of Membrane Reactor For Producing Environment Friendly Fuel Additive Glycerol Carbonate



Sustainable Energy

Production of glycerol carbonate (GLC) that is a fuel additive from green solvent dimethyl carbonate (DMC) and biodiesel by-product glycerin is environmentally friendly synthesis. The usage of waste glycerol from biodiesel plant makes the production cost lower. When the membrane aided technique is...

Glycerin carbonate Fuel Bioadditive +1 more

Correlational investigation of manufacturing technology and environmental impact in an agricultural machinery industry


Anderson Hoose et al. View all

There is a relation between the environmental impacts to the high emissions in the environment and the natural resources depletion, which can be measured with the useful life of the products, affected by the manufacturing technologies and the sustainable development. In this background, the present...

sustainability human health +3 more

Design and use of crowdsourcing geographic data collection system during the monitoring phase of Environmental Impact Assessment reports


Erdem Emin Maraş et al. View all

Environmental Management and Policies

When the whole earth is considered as a geographic place, it is clearly seen that the physical and social processes in the Earth’s crust have a direct or indirect connection with geography. In this century named information era, it is vital to find new solutions to people’s problems by getting...

crowdsourcing database updating +3 more