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Ammonia and Phosphorous removal in municipal wastewater treatment plant with extended aeration.


Sotirakou E., Kladitis G., Diamantis N. and Grigoropoulou H.


Samples were taken from Metamorphosis/Attica combined treatment plant for municipal wastewater and septage, which treats about 12000 m3 d-1 of municipal wastewater and 8000 m3 d-1 of septage, and analyzed for solids, COD, ammonia, nitrate, orthophosphate, polyphosphate and total phosphorus. Ammonia...

ammonia removal phosphorus removal +3 more

Organic atmospheric pollutants: polycyclic hydrocarbons from coal atmospheric fluidised bed combustion (AFBC)


Mastral M., Callen M.S., Murillo R. and Garcia T.


The work deals with coal combustion in a pilot-plant fluidised bed (7 cm i.d.) under atmospheric conditions. The aims are to capture and analyse qualitatively as well as quantitatively the volatile polycyclic hydrocarbons emitted by using coal as energy source under various combustion conditions...

atmospheric contamination coal combustion +4 more

Promotion by Sodium in emission control catalysis: The difference between alkanes and alkenes in the Pd-catalysed reduction of NO by hydrocarbons


Yentekakis I.V., Konsolaki M., Kiousis V., Lambert R.M. and Tikhov M.S.


The activity and selectivity of Pd catalysts supported on YSZ and dosed with different amounts of Na promoter has been investigated for the reduction of NO by alkenes (C3H6) or alkanes (CH4). It is found that Na strongly promotes the reduction of NO by C3H6. Rate increases by an order of magnitude...

Sodium NO reduction +4 more

Hydrodynamic and water quality modelling of Southern Evoikos Gulf, Greece


Stamou A.I., Noutsopoulos C., Pipilis K.G., Gavalaki E. and Andreadakis A.


A mathematical model is presented, consisting of a two-layer, finite difference hydrodynamic submodel and a compartmental water quality sub-model. The model is calibrated with field data. Then, it is applied to Southern Evoikos Gulf, an open coastal water body of particular ecological significance...

mathematical model hydrodynamics +5 more

Modeling of Anaerobic Digestion - A Review


Lyberatos G. and Skiadas I.V.


Anaerobic digesters often exhibit significant stability problems, that may be avoided only through appropriate control strategies. Such strategies require, in general, the development of appropriate mathematical models, which adequately portray the key processes that take place. This paper reviews...

Anaerobic digestion modelling +2 more

Relation between air pollution episodes and discomfort index in the greater Athens area, Greece


Paliatsos Ath. and Nastos P.


An attempt is made for a first general study of the relation between high/very high concentrations of nitrogen dioxide and ozone with the discomfort index (DI) values. The nitrogen dioxide data of «Patision» station and ozone data of «Liosia» and «Marousi» station have been analysed. The relation...

Discomfort index Air pollution episodes +1 more

Winter Southern wind flow and air pollution episodes over Athens, Greece


Kassomenos P.A., Lykoudis S. and Kallos G.


The greater area comprising the Attica peninsula and the Saronic Gulf is greatly influenced by various local circulation types. During winter months, moderately high air pollutants concentrations are observed when the prevailing condition is either stagnant or a weak southern flow. The case studied...

air pollution winter episodes +5 more

Organic by-products of Drinking Water Chlorination


Nikolaou N., Kostopoulou M. and Lekkas T.D.


Chlorination of drinking water leads to the formation of a variety of Disinfection By-Products (DBPs) that may have adverse health effects on humans. Research on this subject has been continued and new epidemiological and toxicological studies have been conducted. This review summarizes factors...

Disinfection by-products Chlorination +2 more

Analysis of the 11-year Record (1987-1997) of Air Pollution measurements in Athens, Greece. Part I: Primary air pollutants


Kalabokas P.D., Viras L.G. and Repapis C.C.


A climatological analysis of atmospheric concentrations of primary air pollutants in Athens, Greece, is presented for the 11-year period 1987-1997, since the automated local air pollution network operating by the Ministry of Environment started to record all conventional pollutants. The...

air pollution Urban air pollutants +1 more