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Optimization of Solar Energy for Salt Extraction from Lake Katwe, Uganda


Hillary Kasedde et al. View all

Sustainable Energy

The solar evaporative crystallization process at Lake Katwe was studied using brine evaporation rates, thermal, convection, and radiation energy losses as well as reported meteorological data around the salt lake basin. A simulation model of a salt pan was developed on a lumped basis to study its...

solar evaporation Crystallization +3 more

Combustion of biofuels-diesel blends in an isothermal oven


Mario Toledo T. et al. View all

Sustainable Energy

In this work, combustion process of diesel and biofuel blends is studied experimentally in an isothermal oven. Blends with respectively 20%, 40% and 60% of Ethanol (E20, E40, E60), 20%, 40% and 60% of Methanol (M20, M40, M60), and 20%, 40%, 60%, 80% and 100% of Biodiesel (B20, B40, B60, B80, B100)...

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Synthesis, characterisation and catalytic performance of Cu- and Co-modified Fe-Al co-precipitated catalysts for the steam reforming of ethanol


Guilherme de Souza et al. View all

Sustainable Energy

This paper reports the synthesis and the investigation of the properties and performance of Fe-Al catalysts modified with Cu or Co for the steam reforming of ethanol. The materials were prepared by the precipitation method with different Fe/Al ratios. The samples were characterised by the S BET , TG...

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Spatial and seasonal patterns of precipitation in Greece: the terrain segmentation approach


Aschonitis V. et al. View all

Hydrology and water resources

The aim of the study is to investigate the spatial and seasonal variation of precipitation in Greece using multi-temporal data analysis techniques. Mean monthly precipitation grids of 1 km 2 resolution of the period 1950-2000 were used in the analysis. Cross correlation quantified spatio-temporal...

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Effect of wastewater and grey water reuse on the germination and early growth of barley and onions


Bashaar Y. Ammary et al. View all

Water and Wastewater Treatment

This paper evaluates the effect of wastewater reuse on the germination and growth at early stages of barley and onions. Treated wastewater, partially treated industrial wastewater, grey water, and car wash water, in addition to tap water as control were used to test their effect on germination...

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Spatio-temporal change assessment using normalize difference vegetative index and spectral analysis techniques for vegetation cover on Wadi Auranah


Gohar A. Mahar et al. View all

Ecosystems and Natural Resources Management

Wadi Auranah is one of the potential wadis in respect of land use, located on the western shield (Hijaz escarpment) of Saudi Arabia. A spatio-temporal change assessment of this wadi (valley) was conducted with the help of landsat data. The results of the spectral analysis and NDVI for vegetation...

NDVI Spectral enhancement +3 more

Assessment model application of water supply system management in crisis situations


Pietrucha-Urbanik K. et al. View all

Water Resources Management

Due to the fact that water systems belong to critical infrastructure, diverse methods of its management assessment during crisis situations are applied. In these methods both technical aspects and human factors, that have an impact on safety of water supply to the recipient, are considered. Also...

water supply system crisis situation +2 more

Modeling the 3-d flow around a cylinder using the SAS hybrid model


Papadonikolaki G. et al. View all


Three-dimensional calculations were performed to simulate the flow around a cylindrical vegetation element using the Scale Adaptive Simulation (SAS) model; commonly, this is the first step of the modeling of the flow through multiple vegetation elements. SAS solves the Reynolds Averaged Navier...

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