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Optimization of Solar Energy for Salt Extraction from Lake Katwe, Uganda

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    Joseph D.
    John B.
    Matthaus U.
    Hillary K.Corresponding
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The solar evaporative crystallization process at Lake Katwe was studied using brine evaporation rates, thermal, convection, and radiation energy losses as well as reported meteorological data around the salt lake basin. A simulation model of a salt pan was developed on a lumped basis to study its behaviour with the effects of the different factors affecting the evaporation process investigated. Moreover, an analysis to assess the possibility of increased productivity of the salt pans through implementation of parabolic solar collector technology to enhance brine evaporation was done. Results showed that the brine evaporation rates and temperature of the salt pan are strongly influenced by in-situ weather conditions. Furthermore, a thermal-fluid analysis of the proposed system showed that the pond solution layer temperature increases thereby increasing the evaporation flux hence leading to increased salt production rate. 

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