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Regression analysis between sediment transport rates and stream discharge for the Nestos River, Greece


Angelis I., Metallinos A. and Hrissanthou V.


Systematic measurements of sediment transport rates and water discharge were conducted in the Nestos River (Greece), at a place located between the outlet of Nestos River basin and the river delta. This basin area is about 838 km2 and lies downstream of the Platanovrysi Dam. Separate measurements of...

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Overview of the Temporal Variation of PM10 Mass Concentrations in the two Major Cities in Greece: Athens and Thessaloniki


Triantafyllou E. and Biskos G.


Literature reports have indicated that Particulate Matter (PM) concentrations in the atmosphere over the major urban centres of Greece are high compared to other European cities of the same size. The great majority of these reports are based on measurements that have been conducted over a limited...

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Effect of calcium cyanamide on pathogenic escherichia coli during mesophilic composting and impact on composting process


Simujide H., Aorigele C., Wang C.J., Manda B. and Ma L.N.


The objective of the study was to determine the effect of CaCN2 on pathogenic E. coli as an antimicrobial agent and its impact on composting progress as an amendment in dairy cow manure based mixtures composted at laboratory scale. The changes in physical parameters, chemical parameters and...

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Ammonia removal from fertilizer plant effluents by a coupled electrostatic shielding based electrodialysis / electrodeionization process


Dermentzis K., Davidis A., Chatzichristou C. and Dermentzi A.


Electrically and ionically conducting graphite powder beds interposed between the anode and cathode inside an electrolytic setup are used as intermediate bipolar electrodes. The beds cause electric field discontinuity by eliminating the applied electric field locally within their mass and act as...

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Temporal variability of disinfection by-products concentration in urban public water system


Siddique A., Saied S., Zaigham N.A., Mumtaz M., Ali Mahar G. and Mohiuddin S.


The occurrence of trihalomethanes (THMs) was studied in the drinking water samples from urban water supply network of Karachi city that served more than 18 million people. Drinking water samples were collected from 58 locations in summer (May-August) and winter (November-February) seasons. The major...

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Thermal comfort estimation in relation to different orientation in mountainous regions in Greece by using artificial neural networks


Chronopoulos K.I., Kamoutsis A.P. and Matsoukis A.S.


This study focuses on the estimation of thermal comfort conditions in a high alt. site (1455 m) in Apodotia (MA), Greece, by using the MLP neural network model. This estimation is based on the air temperature (t) and relative humidity (f) data of the middle (1078-1163 m) and of the low altitude...

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Regional climate change scenarios for Greece: future temperature and precipitation projections form ensembles of RCMs


Tolika K., Zanis P. and Anagnostopoulos C.


The potential regional future changes in seasonal (winter and summer) temperature and precipitation are assessed for the greater area of Greece over the 21st century, under A2, A1B and B2 future emission scenarios of IPCC. Totally twenty-two simulations from various regional climate models (RCMs)...

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