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Determination of Heavy Metals in Wet Deposition of Athens


Kanellopoulou Helen


The concentrations of ten industrial metals (Pb, Cd, Ni, As, Cr, Zn, Fe, Cu, Al and Mn) in 20 samples of rainwater collected at the station of Athens University Campus (AUC) during the cold period 1/10/97 - 31/3/98 were determined. In general, low concentrations were observed. The Spearman...

Wet deposition Heavy metals +1 more

Water demand and supply analysis using a spatial decision support system


Manoli E., Arampatzis G., Pissias Ev., Xenos D. and Assimacopoulos D.


A prototype Spatial Decision Support System for the evaluation of water demand and supply management schemes is presented. The water basin is topologically mapped to a network of spatial objects representing the physical entities and their connections. Several GIS functions, which include data input...

Integrated Water Resources Management spatial decision support system +1 more

Environmental Management Approaches and Water Resources in the stessed region of Thriassion, Greece


Karavitis C.A., Bosdogianni A. and Vlachos E.C.


The present attempt has a two prong-emphasis. On the one hand it demarcates the physical, structural, social and economic parameters and the eliciting environmental problems in Thriassion Plain, the main industrial area of metropolitan Athens, Greece. On the other hand it attempts to delineate a...

Environmental Management environmental impacts +7 more

A management framework for the efficient use of surface water resources in Sithonia Peninsula (Greece)


Latinopoulos P. and Theodossiou N.


The Peninsula of Sithonia is one of many typical regions in Greece in which overexploitation of local aquifers has led to several serious problems related to quantity and quality degradation of groundwater reserves. In this paper, a management plan is presented that aims at the utilization of the so...

water resources management water supply dams +1 more

Dissolved Oxygen and Nutrients in coastal waters impacted by the Strymon River plume, North Aegean Sea, Greece


Pavlidou A. and Georgopoulos D.


Three hydrographic cruises were conducted during 1997-1999 in north Aegean Sea, in order to study the dissolved oxygen (DO) and nutrient distributions in Strymonikos Gulf impacted by the riverine waters of the Strymon River. The approaches used in this paper include a preliminary estimation of the...

Nurients Strymonikos Gulf +3 more

Water chemistry and biology in a shallow lake (Lake Pamvotis - Greece). Present state and perspectives


Kagalou If., Tsimarakis G. and Paschos I.


Lake Pamvotis is a shallow lake, located in NW Greece, which during last decades has influenced by a lot of man-made impacts such as sewage discharge, water level fluctuation, e.t.c. Water quality for physicochemical and biological parameters was monitored seasonally in five sampling-stations from...

lake Pamvotis eutrophication +3 more