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Water demand and supply analysis using a spatial decision support system


Manoli E., Arampatzis G., Pissias Ev., Xenos D. and Assimacopoulos D.


A prototype Spatial Decision Support System for the evaluation of water demand and supply management schemes is presented. The water basin is topologically mapped to a network of spatial objects representing the physical entities and their connections. Several GIS functions, which include data input...

Integrated Water Resources Management spatial decision support system +1 more

Using GAC to Control THMs in drinking water, an experimental study at the Athens Water Works and an economic evaluation of the method


Koumenides K., Lekkas D.F. and Xylourgidis N.


An experimental study has been carried out in an attempt to verify the efficiency of GAC (granular activated carbon) in removing THMs (trihalomethanes), and in particular CHCl3, CHCl2Br, CHClBr2 and CHBr3 from drinking water. The experiments have been conducted at a pilot scale filtering plant that...

Water filtration Drinking Water Quality +1 more

The ways to prevent formation of water-soluble fluorine compounds when producing phosphate fertilizers


Molchanov P.A., Denanov G.A., Podobna Y.Y. and Korniychuk T.K.


Natural phosphate raw materials contain up to 3.5% of fluorine. In reprocessing natural phosphate raw material 30 - 100 % of fluorine emits into the environment as toxic compounds. The acid is used for decomposing the carbon dioxides that are contained in raw materials. The way and technology of...

Phosphate raw material fluorine toxic compounds +1 more

A rainfall simulation study of erosion of some calcareous soils


Dimogiannis D.G., Valmis S. and Vyrlas P.


In order to study the erodibility characteristics of some calcareous soils from Central Greece, the instability of aggregates of 2.0-4.7 mm in water was studied. Soil loss experiments were also conducted in the laboratory using a rain simulator where soil loss was measured and the soils’ attitude...

Soil erosion Rainfall simulation +1 more

Tropospheric ozone in the Czech Republic, 1994-2000


Tshiamala Mbuyi M.-H.


Air pollution is changing the ecosystems, especially in Europe. Tropospheric ozone may adversely affect tree growth, with critical levels for ozone being exceeded in many parts of Europe, especially in the Czech Republic. This research reports the information on exceedances of ozone threshold values...

annual concentration Bílý Køíž station +5 more

Malaria situation in Bulgaria and surveillance measures (1991-2000)


Kurdova R.I., Vutchev D.I. and Petrov P.P.


The malaria situation in Bulgaria during the past decade of the century was analysed and the evaluation of the risk of re-emerging of the diseases and factors determining it in the phase of maintanence of malaria eradication was carried out. The epidemiological analysis of malaria cases notified...

Imported malaria introduced malaria +4 more