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Effect of The Covid-19 Pandemic Period on Zero Waste Awareness: A Scale Development Survey


Sezen Coskun, et al. View all

Environmental Health

The purpose of study was to develop and validate a scale in order to investigate the consciousness and habits of individuals on zero waste awareness pre-pandemic and during COVID-19 period in Turkey. The study group which was sampled using criteria-sampling consists of 523 individuals who have or...

Covid-19 scale development +2 more

Spatial and temporal variations of hydrodynamics and sediment dynamics in Indus River Estuary,Pakistan


Noor Ahmed Kalhoro et al. View all

Ecosystems and Natural Resources Management

Field investigations were conducted to study the seasonal variation of hydrodynamics and sediment transport in Indus River Estuary (IRE), Pakistan. The data of water levels, currents, salinity, and suspended sediment concentration (SSC) were collected hourly covering both wet and dry seasons. Tidal...

Seasonality fluvial discharge +4 more

Estimation of changes in the Dead Sea surface water area through multiple water indices and geospatial techniques


Majed Mahmoud Ibrahim et al. View all

Water Resources Management

The study calculated the changes in the Dead Sea surface area from 1984 to 2019. The satellite images of 1985, 1990, 2000, 2010, and 2019 were classified by applying four different methods to estimate the changes in the Dead Sea surface water area. The methods included normalized difference water...

Water indices GIS +3 more

Quantifying the impact of urban runoff injection on groundwater Enhancement in a semi-arid environment using SWMM and MOFLOW Model


Reza Ghazavi et al. View all

Water Resources Management

In the urban area, surface runoff can be utilized effectively to improve groundwater table through rainwater harvesting. The main aims of this study were to:1) investigate the potential of the surface runoff to inject into Urmia aquifer and increase groundwater recharge of this aquifer using SWMM -...

groundwater Injection Well +3 more

Detoxification of As(III) in Aqueous Media by Using Photo-Fenton Method


Endang Tri Wahyuni et al. View all

Water and Wastewater Treatment

In this paper, photo-Fenton method has been systematically examined to oxidize the toxic and mobile As(III) in the solution by •OH radicals resulted from the reactions between Fe2+ and H2O2 under UV light, to form the less toxic and insoluble As(V). The effects of various experimental parameters...

Photo-oxidation Photo-Fenton +4 more

Deep neural networks for climate relation extraction


Jian Zheng et al. View all

Climate change mitigation and adaptation

Climate data composes of time series and space series with unknown. These unknown series contains complex co-variation relations of climate data. The extraction of these relations is essential for further revealing the complex representations between time series and space series in climate data. As...

Purification of Biogas From Tofu Waste using Zeolite and Activated Carbon (AC) as Adsorbent


Mochamad Arief Budihardjo et al. View all


Substitution of fossil fuel into alternative energy sources, such as biogas, needs to be applied to prevent various problems in the environment. Biogas purification can be an alternative technology to improve the quality of biogas, which increases the heat value by reducing CO2. Purification can be...

Adsorption Activated carbon +3 more

A New Approach to Assess Wind Potential


Zaheer Uddin et al. View all

Sustainable Energy

Weibull Cumulative Distribution Function (C.D.F.) has been employed to assess and compare wind potentials of two wind stations Europlatform and Stavenisse of The Netherland. Weibull distribution has been used for accurate estimation of wind energy potential for a long time. The Weibull distribution...

Weibull distribution Weibull parameters +7 more

Comparison of supercritical fluid extraction and thermal desorption methods for analysing organic compounds in house-dust


Athanasios Papadopoulos et al. View all

Air Quality

This study has been focused on the comparison of the application of Thermal Desorption (TD) and Supercritical Fluid Extraction (SFE) methods for the identification and quantification of organic chemicals in house dust samples. To investigate how the results obtained by SFE and TD of house dust...

SFE CO2 +3 more

Recent advances in Performance and effect of Zr doping with ZnO thin film sensor in Ammonia Vapour Sensing


Dr Vaneet Kumar et al. View all

Environmental Management and Policies

Pure and Zr doped ZnO thin films were prepared using SILAR technique. The influence of Zr doping on structural, morphological, optical and gas sensing properties of ZnO has been reported. X-ray diffraction study confirmed the formation of wurtzite structure of ZnO thin film (JCPDS 36-1451)...

Keywords: Zr ZnO +4 more