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Recent advances in Performance and effect of Zr doping with ZnO thin film sensor in Ammonia Vapour Sensing

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Environmental Management and Policies

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526 - 531

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Dr Vaneet Kumar
S. Jafar Ali Ibrahim, S. Rajasekar , Varsham, M. Karunakaran , K. Kasirajan , N. S. Kalyan Chakravarthy , Vaneet Kumar and Kirtan Jot
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Pure and Zr doped ZnO thin films were prepared using SILAR technique. The influence of Zr doping on structural, morphological, optical and gas sensing properties of ZnO has been reported. X-ray diffraction study confirmed the formation of wurtzite structure of ZnO thin film (JCPDS 36-1451) fabricated by SILAR technique and the caluculated crystallites size of pure and doped ZnO were 39 and 36 nm respectively . SEM analysis of thin films has shown a completely different surface morphology. EDAX spetrum cnfirmed the presence of different compositional element in the fabriated thin films. Zr (3 wt%) doped ZnO thin film exhibited the best properties with a good transmittance and it has wide band gap of 3.26 eV. Photoluminescence emissions indicated increase in concentration of oxygen vacancies with introduction of dopant. NH3 vapour sensors were fabricated out of fabricated samples and it was observed that doped samples have significantly high sensing response, good selectivity, fast response and recovery time to ammonia vapoutr at room temperature.

Keywords: Zr, ZnO , SEM, NH3, EDAX , SILAR