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Ammonia and Phosphorous removal in municipal wastewater treatment plant with extended aeration.


Sotirakou E., Kladitis G., Diamantis N. and Grigoropoulou H.


Samples were taken from Metamorphosis/Attica combined treatment plant for municipal wastewater and septage, which treats about 12000 m3 d-1 of municipal wastewater and 8000 m3 d-1 of septage, and analyzed for solids, COD, ammonia, nitrate, orthophosphate, polyphosphate and total phosphorus. Ammonia...

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Toxic effects of Atrazine, Deethyl-Atrazine, Deisopropyl-Atrazine and Metolachlor on Chlorella fusca var fusca


Kotrikla A., Gatidou G. and Lekkas T.D.


The toxic effects of the herbicide Atrazine, its degradation products deethyl-atrazine and deisopropylatrazine, and the herbicide metolachlor were examined in unialgal cultures of Chlorella fusca var-fusca. The toxicity of a mixture of atrazine and metolachlor was also evaluated using the same...

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Estimation of secondary organic aerosol (SOA) production from traffic from the city of Athens


Kourtidis K. and Ziomas I.


Estimates of the amount of secondary organic aerosol formed in the atmosphere from the degradation of traffic C6-C12 hydrocarbon emissions in the city of Athens are presented. Around 1.26 tn of organic aerosol is estimated to be produced during a six hours air pollution episode from the aromatic...

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Soil adsorption behaviour and photomineralization by photocatalytic membranes immobilizing titanium dioxide of atrazine and intermediates


Gawlik B. M., Moroni A., Bellobono I.R. and Muntau H.W.


The soil adsorption behaviour of atrazine and its photodegradation intermediate 4,6-diamino-2-chloro-1,3,5- s-triazine (I), was evaluated by measuring partition coefficients on five representative European topsoils using classical batch experiments. From this study, (I) appears to be less...

Atrazine soil adsorption +2 more

Production of low aromatics and low sulfur diesel in a hydrodesulfurization (HDS) pilot plant unit


Lappas A.A., Budisteanu R., Drakaki K. and Vasalos I.A.


The present work investigates the hydrotreating process of a diesel in order to achieve lower sulphur and aromatics content. The entire work was performed in a Hydrodesulphurization (HDS) pilot plant unit located in Chemical Process Engineering Research Institute (CPERI). For the tests, a commercial...

Diesel aromatics/dearomatization +3 more

Modeling atmospheric aerosol using thermodynamic arguments - A Review


Pilinis Chr.

Air Quality

Atmospheric aerosols have been implicated in human health effects, visibility reduction in urban and regional areas, acidic deposition, and altering the earth’s radiation balance. A major goal of scientific research for the last fifteen years has been the development of the necessary models, using...

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