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Numerical modelling of solar thermal effects on street canyon flow under calm or weak wind conditions


Panayotis C. Yannopoulos et al. View all

Air Quality

The present study simulates the flow and temperature fields in a street canyon caused by solar heating of road and building surfaces, in either calm and weak wind conditions. Six scenarios, formed by changing the sources of heat fluxes, the wind speed (0, 1 and 3 m s^-1) and direction (±), are...

Street canyon Solar heating +3 more

An integrated model of system dynamics and fuzzy cognitive mapping approach for waste management in Turkey


Aziz Kemal Konyalıoğlu et al. View all

Protection and restoration of the environment

Waste management is one of the most crucial part of the sustainability concept. In Turkey, waste management of the small household appliances under waste of electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE) category still remains as an issue to handle although its production is very large and long...

WEEE fuzzy cognitive mapping +3 more

Biogenic synthesis of PdNCs embedded α-Fe2O3 microspheres using Myrtus cumini L. leaf extract and a Box-Behnken optimization of its Fenton-like catalytic activity


Venkatachalam CD et al. View all

Green Chemistry and Sustainable Development

Microspheres (MSs) of paramagnetic iron oxide (α-Fe2O3) embedded with palladium nanocubes (PdNCs) were biosynthesized using Myrtus cumini L. leaf extract. The synthesized PdNCs embedded α-Fe2O3 microspheres were characterized using FTIR, XRD and SEM/EDX. The FTIR spectrum of the Myrtus cumini L...

biogenic synthesis Myrtus cumini L. leaf extract +3 more

Environmental effect of heavy metals deposition in arid city


Yuyan Liu et al. View all

Air Quality

This paper analysis the contents and variation of heavy metals in wet and dry deposition in Changji (Xinjiang, China) revealed their reducing regularity for heavy metals in atmosphere in arid area. Samples (including 84 dry deposition samples and 16 wet deposition samples) were collected from...

arid area Heavy metal +3 more

The effect of sub-irrigation with untreated and treated municipal wastewater on organic matter and Nitrogen content on two soil types


Tsigoida Afroditi et al. View all

Water and Wastewater Treatment

In order to study the chemical parameters of the soil after sub-irrigation with wastewater, a system was installed in one of the greenhouses of the Agricultural University of Athens. Wastewater was applied subsurface into the soil mass of the pots were used. Three treatments were used: Untreated...

Keywords: wastewater sub-irrigation +3 more

Optimal temporal distribution curves for the classification of heavy precipitation using hierarchical clustering on principal components


Konstantinos Vantas et al. View all

Protection and restoration of the environment

A novel method that utilizes a combination of statistical and clustering techniques is presented in order to classify statistically independent heavy rainstorm events and create a limited number of temporal distribution curves. These curves represent the centers of many unitless cumulative rainstorm...

rainfall temporal distribution design hyetographs +5 more

Food waste volume and composition in households in Greece


Abeliotis K. et al. View all


The purpose of this paper is the presentation of the results compiled from self weighing of household food waste and self filling of waste collection diaries that took place in Greece. A diary was compiled and given to 101 urban households in various areas of the country. The participants were asked...

Quantification Household food waste +2 more

Electricity Generation and Color Removal at Sulfate-Reducing Conditions in Microbial Fuel Cell


Kevser Cirik et al. View all

Water and Wastewater Treatment

The main aim of this study is to investigate the simultaneous azo dye removal and bioelectricity production at sulfate reducing conditions in continuously-fed dual-chamber microbial fuel cell (MFC). Initially, optimization of sulfate reduction was performed at different sulfate concentrations (100...

color electricity generation +2 more



Panagiota Koukouli et al. View all

Protection and restoration of the environment

Reference evapotranspiration (ETo) is an important component in water resources, agricultural and environmental modeling, thus its assessment is critical in understanding the impacts of climate change on the sector of agriculture. In this study, the effect of climate change on reference...

Climate change reference evapotranspiration +2 more

Particle-based modeling and meshless simulation of flows with Smoothed Particle Hydrodynamics


Filippos Sofos et al. View all

Protection and restoration of the environment

Smoothed Particle Hydrodynamics (SPH) is a promising simulation technique in the family of Lagrangian mesh-free methods, especially for flows that undergo large deformations. Particle methods do not require a mesh (grid) for their implementation, in contrast to conventional Computational Fluid...

SPH Smoothed Particle Hydrodynamics +4 more