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Analysis on the MSW thermal degradation processes


Marculescu C., Antonini G. and Badea A.


The waste to renewable energy source has become a priority in the wastes treatment field. The research goal is not only the wastes destruction but also a better thermal energy recovery from the processes. The municipal solid waste presents a high heterogeneity degree from the dimensional point of...

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Transport and accumulation of heavy metals in undisturbed soil columns


Ermakov I.V., Koptsik S.V., Koptsik G.N. and Lofts S.


The podzolic soils of the Kola Peninsula, Russia, have in localised areas been highly contaminated with copper and nickel from smelting activities. Migration and retention of these metals were investigated in undisturbed soil columns irrigated with simulated background and polluted precipitation in...

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On leakage from the near-surface radioactive waste storage facility


Konstantinova M., Gudelis A. and Butkus D.


Maisiagala RADON type radioactive waste storage facility was commissioned in 1963 in a marshy, ecologically sensitive locality, where soluble radionuclides easily can penetrate and migrate with groundwater. To assure the requirements of radiation safety, the analysis of radionuclide leakage from the...

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Available Cd content of salt-affected and normal soils of Halastra-Kalohori area


Matsi Th., Hatzigiannakis E.G., Arampatzis G.K. and Panoras A.G.


A survey was conducted in order to evaluate the levels of available (DTPA extractable) Cd in salt affected and normal soils of Halastra−Kalohori area, located in N. Greece. In this area, phosphogypsum (PG) (a byproduct of P fertilizer industry, occasionally enriched with Cd) has been used as...

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Investigating the properties of plastic resin pellets found in the coastal areas of Lesvos Island


Karapanagioti H.K. and Klontza I.


Plastic pellets (small granules, 1-5 millimeters in diameter) are widely distributed in the ocean and coastal zones all over the world. They are an industrial raw material for the plastic industry and are unintentionally released to the environment both during manufacturing and transport. These...

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Total and bioavailable forms of Cu, Zn, Pb and Cr in agricultural soils: a study from the hydrological basin of Keritis, Chania, Greece


Papafilippaki A., Gasparatos D., Haidouti C. and Stavroulakis G.


The hydrological basin of Keritis in Chania, Greece is mainly an agricultural area where various agrochemicals are used. In topsoils, the total and available forms of Cu, Zn, Pb and Cr were determined after their extraction with boiling Aqua Regia and DTPA respectively. Although the total heavy...

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Slag and ash chemistry after high-calcium lignite combustion in a pulverized coal-fired power plant


Papastergios G., Fernandez –Turiel J.L., Georgakopoulos A. and Gimeno D.


More than 73% of the electrical power requirements of Greece are generated in lignite-fired power plants. Greece is the thirteenth largest coal and the fifth largest lignite producer in the world. The lack of domestic high-rank coals makes necessary to use low quality lignite for power generation in...

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Leaching of lead from clinoptilolite at acidic conditions


Petrakakis Y., Mylona E., Georgantas D. and Grigoropoulou H.


The leachability of Pb2+ from natural greek clinoptilolite was investigated according to the standard procedures TCLP/EPA/RCRA (1311), EPA Methods 1310, 1320 and DIN 38414-S4. Through SEM/EDAX analysis it was shown that lead was uniformly loaded onto the particles subjected to acid treatment...

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Marine monitoring along the eastern coastal area of the Island of Lesvos, Greece during 2004 in the Framework of MEDPOL III


Aloupi M., Angelidis M.O., Gabriel A., Karantanelli M., Koulousaris M., Nikolaou A., Petsas A., Tsi... View all


The present survey was carried out in the framework of MEDPOL Phase III (2004 – 2006), aiming to provide recent information for the long-term monitoring of pollution trends in selected susceptible marine environments along the Mediterranean coastline. Information was collected from a network of four...

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