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Environmental Impact Assessment and Integrated Water Resources Management


Manouris G. and Gioutsou A.


Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) plays an important role in the framework of the efforts aiming at the formulation of a complete water resources management. In our paper this issue is examined in an integrated way. The following issues are particularly examined : the notion of the EIA in...

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Assessment of mining soil improvement after construction and demolition wastes amendment additions evaluated by microbiological analysis


Murcia F.J., Gomez M.J., Palop A. and Garcia G.


Major environmental problems in metallic mining areas come from the hazard of metal pollution of surrounding areas. Therefore, an appropriated management of these soils is necessary for minimizing the associated risks. Some properties of mining soils, such as elevated metal concentrations, pH and...

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Is the Last Years Abrupt Warming in the National Observatory of Athens Records a Climate Change Manifestation?


Repapis C.C., Philandras C.M., P.D. Kalabokas , P. Zanis and C.S.Zerefos


Instrumental data time series show an average global warming of approximately 0.90C over the last century. Eastern Mediterranean air temperature follows the northern hemisphere (NH) secular trend till 1970s, while the NH warming of the last 30 years is not noticeable in the eastern Mediterranean...

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Adsorption of hexavalent uranium on dunite


Konstantinou M., Demetriou A. and Pashalidis I.


Pollution of the environment with uranium and associated health effects to human have recently become of major concern, particularly due to the use of depleted uranium in armourbreaking bullets. Indeed, uranium in environmentally significant concentrations is found near to uranium mining and...

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A Wind-Driven Hydrodynamic and Pollutant Transport Model


Tsanis I.K. and Saied U.


A program is developed that includes two hydrodynamic models, a 2D depth-averaged (2DH) and a Quasi-3D (Q3D), and a pollutant transport model that uses a 1st order upwinding and a 3rd order QUICKEST numerical schemes. Several tests were performed in two test basins in order to examine the...

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Mercury content in garden soils of urban agglomeration


Dabkowska-Naskr?t H.and R??a?ski Sz.


The study report the degree of mercury contamination in garden soils of urban agglomeration and local sources of heavy metals emission like traffic and coal combustion. The urban soils have been compared with cultivated rural counterparts, developed on similar parent material. Mercury contents in...

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Municipal solid waste unit production rates and estimation of the required number of waste storage containers in the municipality of Athens


Komilis D.P., Haritopoulou T. and Togia A.


The Municipality of Athens (M.A.) currently comprises 7 municipal districts, 7 waste collection districts (WCD) and approximately 5800 residential blocks. Solid waste is collected daily on a 7 days per week basis. The M.A. comprises approximately 119 waste collection sub-districts (herein referred...

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Photocatalytic disinfection of water polluted by Pseudomonas Aeruginosa


Daneshvar N., Niaei A., Akbari S., Aber S., and Kazemian N.


Photocatalysis by titanium dioxide (TiO2) is a water treatment method. Pseudomonas aeruginosa is a microorganism resistant to chlorine and UV-C irradiation. TiO2 photocatalytic technology can destroy bacteria, which are resistant to oxidative destruction of cell membrane caused by sole UV...

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The distribution of Cd and Cu in sediments covered with algal mat


Ladakis M., Belias C., Triantafyllaki S., Dassenakis M. and Scoullos M.


In coastal marine environments, with shallow, warm and calm waters, it is sometimes possible to observe the presence of organosedimentary structures that are commonly flat and laminar in shape. These structures are called algal mats or recent stromatolites due to their remarkable similarities to...

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Route optimization for solid waste collection: Trabzon (Turkey) case study


Apaydin O. and Talha Gonullu M.


In a municipal solid waste management system, decreasing collection/hauling costs, which consist of 85 % of total disposal expenditure, can be carried out by a route optimization. Thus, a huge amount of economical benefits is getting furnished. If route optimization is performed in solid waste...

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