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Public concerns and behaviors towards solid waste minimization using composting in Kampar district, Malaysia

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Solid Waste Management

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316 - 323

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Mohammed JK Bashir
Bashir M.J.K., Tao G.H., Abu Amr S.S. and Tan K.W.
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Municipal solid waste generation in Malaysia has increase significantly. Organic materials continue to be the major portion of solid waste generated in Kampar, Malaysia. As a result of increasing rate of waste generation and population growth, land area will become more demanding causing the increment of the cost in solid waste management. As a result, solid waste management will become more expensive in the future. Waste separation and organic composting can provide good solution in reducing waste disposal. Nevertheless, public awareness is an important key to improve solid waste management issue. During this study, questionnaire was designed to test out public general knowledge regarding waste management, and their willingness to do composting. 270 questionnaires were distributed to the public. Data analysis of the questionnaire shows that only a few of the respondents (24 numbers) have good awareness. Likert scale was applied to prioritize the factors that discourage waste separation and organic composting practices in Kampar District. This paper concluded that public education and awareness toward solid waste minimization using composting is crucial.

Keywords: MSW, Waste management, Public awareness, composting, SPSS