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Exploration of Composting Strategies for Sustainable Organic Waste Management in Urban Environments

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Graphical abstract

The management of organic waste in urban environments poses significant challenges due to the high volume of waste generated and limited disposal options. Composting is a promising technique for converting organic waste into valuable compost that can be used to improve soil health and reduce the environmental impact of waste disposal. However, there is a need to assess various composting methods to determine their efficacy, feasibility, and environmental benefits in urban settings. This research aims to conduct a comprehensive assessment of composting methods for organic waste management in urban environments. The study will focus on evaluating different composting techniques, including traditional composting, vermicomposting (using worms), and aerobic composting systems. Factors such as process efficiency, compost quality, nutrient content, odor control, and greenhouse gas emissions will be considered in the evaluation. The research will involve field experiments to compare the performance of various composting methods using different types of organic waste commonly generated in urban areas, such as food waste, yard waste, and agricultural residues. Parameters such as temperature, moisture content, pH levels, and microbial activity will be monitored throughout the composting process to assess decomposition rates and nutrient retention. In addition to technical aspects, socio-economic factors and feasibility in urban contexts will be examined, including cost-effectiveness, scalability, community acceptance, and regulatory compliance. The study will also explore the potential for integrating composting into existing waste management systems and strategies for promoting compost use in urban agriculture and landscaping. The findings of this research will contribute to enhancing organic waste management practices in urban environments by identifying the most effective composting methods and providing recommendations for sustainable waste management policies and practices.

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