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Recycling of three different types of rural wastes employing vermicomposting technology by Eisenia fetida at low temperature

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Solid Waste Management

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601 - 606

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seyyed Alireza Mousavi
Seyyed Alireza Mousavi, Majid Faraji, Hosna Janjani
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This study was conducted to investigate the recycling of rural wastes employing vermicomposting technology by Eisenia fetida. Three medium including kitchen waste, rotting foliage and cow dung were performed in 20 treatments. Results showed that in all 20 treatments the quality of produced compost was in the standard range. Due to the high levels of nitrogen in raw material of some treatments, (e.g. treatments that percentage of cow dung and kitchen waste are zero such as M, N, O, Q, R and U) the concentration of N in mature compost was higher than other treatments. The type of raw material in the medium has particular importance on the quality of compost. So that any change in the composition due to changes in the presence or absence of macro and micronutrients can influence the compost production process and reproduction of worm. Therefore, optimization of medium components, as shown in this study is of specific importance that has effect on the vermicomposting at low temperature.

Waste; Cow dung; Vermicompost; Eisenia fetida; Compost quality