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An empirical study on the measurement and influencing factors of carbon emission efficiency in China's transportation industry


Gang Zeng et al. View all

Ecology, environmental change and management

The severe climate problem has forced the Chinese government to put forward the goal of "carbon peak" and "carbon neutrality", and the transportation industry is a key area of carbon emission reduction. Based on this background, this paper introduces the BCC model and the Malmquist-Luenberger index...

Transportation industry Carbon emission efficiency +3 more

Analysis and Assessment of Gaseous Pollutants along High Traffic Roads (NH 948) in Coimbatore City, India


Shivaranjani S K et al. View all

Air Quality

The growing Urbanization, Industrialization, Institutional, and IT sector development contribute to the exponential growth of motorized road transportation increasing the composition of harmful gaseous pollutants in ambient air. So, it is necessary to analyze and quantify the concentration of...

Air Quality Index Coimbatore +3 more

Entrapment of green seaweed Caulerpa Scalpelliformis for extracting Pb(II), Ni(II) and Zn(II) metal ions from aqueous solutions


Kousalyadevi G et al. View all

Water and Wastewater Treatment

From this study, green seaweed Caulerpa Scalpelliformis is utilized as a sorbent for the removal of three metals such as lead (Pb), nickel (Ni) and zinc (Zn). Adsorption tests showed that maximum removal efficiency of 75.02% for Pb, 80% for Ni and 91.11% for Zn was obtained at an optimal equilibrium...

Biosorption green Seaweed +3 more

Variation Analysis of Long-term TN concentration and influencing factors in Miyun Reservoir in China


Quanjie ZHU et al. View all

Water Quality

The total nitrogen (TN) is the key indicator for the eutrophication of Miyun Reservoir. Base on the long-term series of remote sensing, hydrological and water quality observation data, this paper comprehensively analyzed the trend of water quality especially the TN concentration and its influencing...

Miyun reservoir Water covered area +3 more

Preparation and Characterization of Polyvinyl Alcohol/Polyhedral Oligosilsesquioxane Hybrid Membrane for Pervaporation Separation of High-Concentration ε-Caprolactam Solution


Lin WH. et al. View all


We used Vinyl-polyhedral oligosilsesquioxane (POSS)as a modified material and polyvinyl alcohol (PVA) to make a hybrid membrane for the pervaporation membrane separation of high-concentration caprolactam solution. The membranes were characterized by Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy, X-ray...

Nano-silica particles Permeate flux +2 more

Strength studies on concrete using e-plastic waste as coarse aggregate


Dr. P. Subashree et al. View all

Solid Waste Management

As an important resource for the IT sector and due to the extremely hazardous elements it contains and the low recycling rate, e-plastic waste management and recycling are growing swiftly. E-plastic waste utilization reduces aggregate costs, landfill costs and energy prices. Rapid population growth...

Compressive strength Coarse Aggregate Replacement +2 more

Toxic phytoplankton in eutrophic regional seas: an overview


Karydis M et al. View all

Ecology, environmental change and management

Toxic algal blooms have become a major environmental problem over the last few decades because of their impact on fisheries, leisure activities, national income and human health. It is known that Harmful Algal Blooms (HABs) can occur naturally but the frequency of occurrence as well as their...

eutrophication HABs +4 more

Spatiotemporal evolution and driving factors of carbon emissions in Qingdao City based on GeoDetector


Peifeng Zhang et al. View all

Urban environment and health

Investigating the spatiotemporal characteristics and factors of urban carbon emissions is essential to reduce carbon emissions and achieve dual carbon goals. In this study, we examined the change tendency of carbon emissions using the coefficient of variation, the Sen’s slope method, and the Mann...

urban carbon emissions +4 more

Investigating the integration of physical-electrochemical-biological processes in the rehabilitation of dead soils contaminated with lead and phenanthrene


Roya Mafigholami et al. View all

Solid Waste Management

This study was carried out with the aim of using three processes of soil washing, electrofenton and biological leaching method in order to rehabilitate the soil contaminated with lead and phenanthrene around the south Tehran oil refinery. The variables examined in this study are the amount of soil...

Electrofenton biological leaching +4 more

Microbial Technique to Treat Recycled Aggregates from Construction Waste for its Effective reutilization in Concrete


Jagan S et al. View all

Solid Waste Management

Excessive consumption of natural resources for concrete production results in the diminution of conventional resources, leading to the scarcity of construction materials. Perhaps, the dumping of construction wastes increases the municipal wastes ensuing in disposal problems. The dumped construction...

Bacillus subtilis Recycled aggregate concrete +3 more

Biowaste compost amendment is a source of microplastic pollution in agricultural soils


Dhinagaran G et al. View all

Microplastics in the marine environment

Microplastics were discovered in soil samples taken from fields in Tamil Nadu, India's Ponneri, Redhills, and Thirumazhisai where the fields had been amended with compost made from biowaste. The soil sample taken from agricultural field in Ponneri had the highest microplastic level, which was...

agricultural soils biowaste compost +2 more

Biosorption of heavy metals using Gracilaria edulisseaweed – batch adsorption, kinetics and thermodynamic studies


Gopalakrishnan Preethi et al. View all

Water and Wastewater Treatment

Clean water and its requirement are one of the emerging needs in recent days. Water pollution creates more amount of toxic nature to the clean water and it increases the accumulation of poisonous contaminants in the water sources. Heavy metal ions are the type of toxic pollutant released from...

Biosorption Gracilaria Edulis +3 more

Influence of Chemical and Thermal Treatment Methods on the Mechanical and Micro-Structural Characteristics of Coconut Shell based Concrete


Dr.Jeyaprakash Maheswaran et al. View all


In this study, an attempt is made to understand the effectiveness on initial treatment of coconut shell on the strength of concrete. The coconut shell materials obtained from the agricultural wastes are used as a replacement for coarse aggregate in conventional concrete. From the particle size...

Treated coconut shells Water absorption +5 more

IOT Technology Based Vehicle Pollution Monitoring and Control


O. Pandithurai et al. View all

Environmental data analysis and modelling

Every year, the number of people who die because of pollution rises, with air pollution being the major cause. Air pollution is generated by a variety of factors, one of which is pollution caused by automobiles. Technological improvements make great efforts to detect accidents and monitor the...

Arduino UNO MQ-135 sensor +5 more

Effect of different inoculum and substrate inoculum ratios on biogas yield for anaerobic digestion of organic fraction of solid waste


Kapil Dev Sharma et al. View all

Solid Waste Management

Municipal solid waste [MSW] has gained prominence in recent years as the rate of its generation has increased significantly. The serious problem of MSW management exists in almost all regions of India. This study aims to generate energy from MSW by selecting a suitable MSWM technology with the help...

municipal solid waste waste characterization +3 more

A deep learning model and optimization algorithm to forecasting Environment Monitoring of the Air pollution


R.Jayamala et al. View all

Air Quality

Air pollution monitoring is becoming increasingly important, with an emphasis on the effects on human health. Because nitrogen dioxide (NO2) and sulphur dioxide (SO2) are the principal pollutants, many models for forecasting their potential harm have been created. Nonetheless, making precise...

Artificial Neural Network sulfur dioxide +2 more

Biosorption potential of neem leave powder for the sequestration of arsenic and chromium metal ions


Kousalyadevi G et al. View all

Water and Wastewater Treatment

In this study, neem leaf biosorbent, prepared through chemical synthesis and activated with concentrated sulfuric acid, was utilized as an organic adsorbent for the removal of heavy metal ions, specifically arsenic (As) and chromium (Cr), from wastewater. The characteristics of the biosorbent were...

Biosorption Neem laves +3 more

Preparation of mesoporous TiO2 nanomaterials doped with rare earth ions (La3+, Sm3+, Nd3+, Gd3+) and its application in the photodegradation of unsymmetrical dimethylhydrazine


Xianghong Ren et al. View all

Water treatment

Methyldimethylhydrazine and its by-products cause serious damage to human health. In this paper, Re3+-doped mesoporous TiO2 were synthesized for the photodegradation of UDMH. The structure, morphology and optical properties of photocatalyst were extensively characterized. The photocatalytic...

TiO2 Degradation +1 more