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Strength studies on concrete using e-plastic waste as coarse aggregate

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Solid Waste Management

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212 - 215

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Dr. P. Subashree
Subashree Paramasivan, Thenmozhi Rajagopal
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As an important resource for the IT sector and due to the extremely hazardous elements it contains and the low recycling rate, e-plastic waste management and recycling are growing swiftly. E-plastic waste utilization reduces aggregate costs, landfill costs and energy prices. Rapid population growth coexisted with industrialization and a dynamic shift in the volume of garbage produced. These dangerous wastes and other types of waste represent a serious threat to the ecosystem as well as human health. Therefore, the issue of efficient waste management is essential to the preservation of the environment, human health and livelihood. Concrete coarse aggregate made from plastic and recovered e-waste is being tested for feasibility. Testing was done to find out the characteristics of electronic plastic waste when used as coarse aggregate (2%, 4%, 6%, & 8%). These characteristics included specific gravity, water absorption, fineness test, compressive strength, tensile strength and flexural strength of the concrete.

Compressive Strength, Coarse Aggregate Replacement, Plastic waste, E-waste