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Assessment of the Role of Photovoltaic Systems in Reducing the Carbon Footprint of Wastewater Treatment Plants


Seda TÖZÜM AKGÜL et al. View all

Water, Energy and/or Food Nexus

Wastewater treatment plants (WWTPs) consume large amounts of energy and thus cause an increase in carbon footprint. For this reason, it has become important not only to meet the discharge criteria in treatment plants, but also to reduce the carbon footprint resulting from treatment processes and...

Municipal wastewater treatment Carbon footprint +2 more

Reduction of soluble microbial products in activated sludge system with pure oxygen aeration under toxic stress condition of phenol


Dong Wang et al. View all

Water and Wastewater Treatment

This study aimed to explore the effect of pure oxygen aeration on the generation of soluble microbial products (SMP) when activated sludge was under toxic stress condition of phenol. Two parallel sequencing batch reactors, one with air and the other with pure oxygen aeration, were used to...

extracellular polymeric substances N-acyl-homoserine lactones +3 more

Ecological toxicity of microplastics, aluminum and their combination to ectomycorrhizal fungi (Lactarius delicious)


Zhang Liang et al. View all

Environmental Toxicology and Biogeochemistry of Ecosystems

To investigate the combined toxic effects of microplastics and aluminum (Al) on ectomycorrhizal fungi, Lactobacillus delicious (Ld) was selected as the experimental subject to conduct research on monodisperse polystyrene microplastics (PS-MPs) (0, 20, 100, 200 mg L-1) and Al3+ (40 mg L-1) single...

microplastics aluminum +2 more

Study on the removal performance of modified Enteromorpha-immobilized bacterial agent in oil contaminated seawater


Qiao Yanlu et al. View all

Water and Wastewater Treatment

Compared with free bacteria, immobilized bacteria have a higher oil degradation rate, making them highly promising for the bioremediation of offshore oil pollution. In our study, preparation conditions of modified Enteromorpha-immobilized bacterial agent were optimized by response surface method. A...

Oil pollution Enteromorpha prolifera +2 more

Human Health Risk Assessment of Cd, Cu, Pb and Zn through Consumption of Raw goat's Milk in Jijel province (Algeria).


LEBSIR DALILA et al. View all

Hazardous Substances and Risk Analysis

Contamination of the food chain by toxic metals is one of the main concerns for human health. Milk is part of a balanced diet; essential for proper growth, but can also contains hazardous chemicals and contaminants including heavy metals which can be a risk for health. The aim of this study is to...

Keywords: cancer risk goat’s milk +3 more

Microbial synthesis of eco-friendly polylactate plastic from low-cost agro-industrial wastes as an alternative to petrochemical-based plastic


Khadiga A. Abou-Taleb et al. View all


Bioplastics made from renewable resources, such as contemporary biomass, have been developed more quickly as a result of global pollution from plastics made from petroleum, but it is still unclear how these materials will affect ecosystems. A common biopolymer that will make up 33% of the...

Bioplastic accumulating bacteria +5 more

Incorporating of waste from sugar industry and cement industry in concrete


Nirmal Ponnambalam et al. View all

Global Environmental Change

As the production of biomass waste from agroindustry grows across the world, a large amount of agro-based ashes ends up in polluting land. India produced 405.4 million tones of sugarcane in 2019, with a capacity of 105.4 million tonnes of bagasse and 2.5 million tonnes of SBA. The utilization of...

Waste utilization Sugarcane Bagasse Ash +3 more

Simultaneous degradation efficiency of C-MFCs for three pollutants in aquaculture wastewater


Lu Hongsheng et al. View all

Water and Wastewater Treatment

Chlorella microbial fuel cells may be an alternative technology for wastewater treatment. Using microalgae and activated sludge as raw materials, a C-MFCs was established, and the effects of different nitrogen and phosphorus ratios in the influent on the electrochemical performance of C-MFCs and the...

C-MFCs nitrogen-phosphorus ratio +3 more

Flood susceptibility in urban environment using multi-layered neural network model from satellite imagery sources


Swathika R et al. View all

Urban environment and health

Recently, there has been a rise in research based on data-driven based machine learning models to address the issue of processing speed posed by various physiological simulations. The majority of studies, however, have concentrated on creating models for particular water sources, drainage systems...

Spatio-temporal Flood disaster +3 more

Odour emissions from a municipal solid waste dumping area that are at the moderate stage of disintegration


Srinivasan S et al. View all

Solid Waste Management

Odour is a major concern as they are termed hazardous to the surroundings as well as life forms when they are exposed to the environment. Odour emission is also one of the indicators of environmental changes that impact the environment. Among the different sources of odour emission, in the dumping...

MSW Dumping Yard VOCs +1 more

Effective Utilization of Industrial and Constructional Solid Waste Materials in Foundry Mould Making to Prevent Environment Pollution and Conserve Natural Silica Sand


Prabhushankar Nachimuthu et al. View all

Solid Waste Management

Green sand moulding uses silica sand for metal casting. Silica sand mining and delivery to foundries destroy the ecosystem, making metal casting unsustainable. Due to increased sand-casting output and massive civil buildings in India, the silica sand supply is declining. The depletion and shortage...

Quarry dust Cupola slag +4 more

Modeling and Estimation of Solar Radiation through Artificial Neural Network using known Solar Data


Naeem Sadiq et al. View all

Environmental data analysis and modelling

The paper attempts to discover a city's global, direct beam, and diffused solar radiation with the help of known solar radiation of its neighbor(s). Two distinctive architecture have been used to find the solar radiation of a city. In the first architecture, we used single input and a single hidden...

Artificial Neural Network Global Radiation +2 more

Fractional modelling of the reverse osmosis process used for dam water desalination


Azizi Ahmed et al. View all


This paper deals with new fractional models to follow the performance of dam water reverse osmosis (DWRO) desalination system using the dimensionless cumulative volume of alimentation, permeate and rejection. The experimental data consist of 2561 points taken during 4 years of the lifetime of 66...

Fractional modelling Dimensionless parameters +3 more

Interaction of pyrolysis conditions and soil texture on biochar mineralization and its effect on soil structure.


Marina Kouimtzi et al. View all


The effectiveness of biochar as a soil conditioner is depended on the feedstock type and pyrolysis conditions as these two factors determine its physical and chemical properties. Wheat straw was heated at two temperatures: a) 2500C and b) 5000C for two time periods: i)20 min and ii) 60 min to...

wheat straw Biochar +3 more

Mechanical properties of Biodegradable Composite Developed by Modification of Poly lactic Acid with Orange Peel Powder


Sivakumar A et al. View all

Solid Waste Management

One of the biggest environmental issues has been the use and disposal of traditional fossil-based plastic, which is not biodegradable and uses a lot of energy in its production. Poly lactic acid (PLA) has received a lot of attention as an environmentally friendly substitute due to the fact that it...

Composites Morphology +3 more

Perchlorate captured by activated carbon derived from dates seed through adsorption technique


Adilakshmi. A and Senthil Kumar. M et al. View all

Water and Wastewater Treatment

In the present research packed bed column with activated carbon which is derived from the natural available dates seed used for exclusion of perchlorate from aqueous sample. The effect of several variables on adsorption performance has been studied, including inlet ion concentration, flow rate, bed...

Perchlorate Chromatography +3 more

Development of Cost Functions for Biological Treatment by Membrane Bio-Reactor


Bhaskar Sengupta et al. View all

Water and Wastewater Treatment

One of the space-saving and alternative options for wastewater treatment is the use of Membrane Bio-Reactor. This paper delineates the sequential approach to explore integrated cost functions for estimation of the forecast level cost for biological treatment of wastewater by use of Membrane Bio...

Determination Coefficient Mean Absolute Percentage Error +1 more



Sivakumar A et al. View all

Solid Waste Management

In recent years there has been a heightened concentration on the industrial subsectors that are the primary contributors to environmental pollution. Filler materials made from mineral limestone, which is composed of calcium carbonate (CaCO3), are utilized in the production of polymer composites in...

Biocomposites Filler +2 more