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Sustainable Energy

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Volume 26 - Issue 5

Enhancing biomethane quality via the activation of natural zeolite from Lombok Island


Hendry Sakke Tira et al. View all

Sustainable Energy

This study presents the results of the biogas purification test using the fixed-bed column method. As an adsorbent, natural zeolite from the Lombok island Indonesia was used. Zeolite is used for the purpose of purifying biogas produced from the anaerobic digestion (AD) process. To enhance the...

biogas purification Lombok zeolite +2 more

Volume 26 - Issue 2

Characteristics and evolution of bioethanol from Manila Tamarind (Pithecellobium dulce) leaf through fermentation


Dr.N.Kanthavelkumaran et al. View all

Sustainable Energy

This study's two primary goals are to synthesize bioethanol from biowaste and examine its thermal characteristics. Bioethanol must first undergo a comprehensive assessment of its thermal characteristics in order to be approved for usage in spark-ignition engines. A multi-step procedure comprising...

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Volume 26 - Issue 1

Smooth nickel - a suitable anodic material in new alkaline fuel cells sulphite/oxygen


Mircea Laurentiu DAN et al. View all

Sustainable Energy

The anodic oxidation of sulphite ions was studied by voltammetric techniques on a nickel electrode in alkaline solution at various concentration of sulphite and polarization rate. The kinetic parameters of the electrode process have been determined using Tafel plots method and a mechanism of the...

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Volume 25 - Issue 9

Utilization of Bokashi Composting and Animal Feed Silage for Sustainable Agricultural Waste Management and Environmental Impact Analysis


Mochamad Arief Budihardjo et al. View all

Sustainable Energy

Agriculture is a major driver of sustainable development in developing countries. However, with the increase in the global population, the amount of waste generated by agriculture has also increased, leading to environmental pollution. The increase in agricultural activity is proportional to the...

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Volume 25 - Issue 8

Volume 25 - Issue 7

Extraction, performance and emission characterization of diesel engine using waste lipolytic microorganism biodiesel


M.Arunkumar et al. View all

Sustainable Energy

In this study, milk waste water will be extracted, transformed into Lipolytic microorganism’s biodiesel (LMD) using transesterification, and tested for appropriateness as an alternative, sustainable, renewable source for IC engines. The properties of the created blends of biodiesel were investigated...

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Volume 24 - Issue 1

A comprehensive study of the high temperature pyrolysis of sewage sludge: kinetics, energy analysis and products formation


Mendoza-Geney L. et al. View all

Sustainable Energy

This study evaluates the pyrolysis of sewage sludge until 960 °C using heating rates between 3 K/min and 12 K/min in a macro TG/EGA. Mass and energy balances and kinetic parameters are determined. Thermal decomposition is divided into a low temperature zone (until 550 °C to 590 °C), for...

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Volume 23 - Issue 4

A New Approach to Assess Wind Potential


Zaheer Uddin et al. View all

Sustainable Energy

Weibull Cumulative Distribution Function (C.D.F.) has been employed to assess and compare wind potentials of two wind stations Europlatform and Stavenisse of The Netherland. Weibull distribution has been used for accurate estimation of wind energy potential for a long time. The Weibull distribution...

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Volume 23 - Issue 2

Applicability of Membrane Reactor For Producing Environment Friendly Fuel Additive Glycerol Carbonate



Sustainable Energy

Production of glycerol carbonate (GLC) that is a fuel additive from green solvent dimethyl carbonate (DMC) and biodiesel by-product glycerin is environmentally friendly synthesis. The usage of waste glycerol from biodiesel plant makes the production cost lower. When the membrane aided technique is...

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Volume 20 - Issue 3

Thermophilic Dark Fermentation of Sewage Sludge for Biohydrogen Production - Influence of pH


İlknur ŞENTÜRK et al. View all

Sustainable Energy

This study investigates the usability of sewage sludge, waste from a waste water treatment facility, at the stable thermophilic temperature and different pH conditions in the biohydrogen production by dark fermentation. Without the addition of a pure hydrogen producer and nutrient source, the effect...

Biohydrogen production Dark fermentation +3 more

Volume 19 - Issue 1

Volume 18 - Issue 3

Experimental investigation of biogas production from cytrus waste: Co-digestion with cattle manure


Sonia Rincón et al. View all

Sustainable Energy

Biogas production through anaerobic co-digestion of a mixture of cattle manure and citrus waste using an experimental facility for testing the biochemical methane potential (BMP) was investigated. No buffer solution is added to the mixture in order to use the buffer capacity from cattle manure...

Anaerobic digestion Biodegradability +4 more

Volume 17 - Issue 3

Volume 16 - Issue 6

Optimization of Solar Energy for Salt Extraction from Lake Katwe, Uganda


Hillary Kasedde et al. View all

Sustainable Energy

The solar evaporative crystallization process at Lake Katwe was studied using brine evaporation rates, thermal, convection, and radiation energy losses as well as reported meteorological data around the salt lake basin. A simulation model of a salt pan was developed on a lumped basis to study its...

solar evaporation Crystallization +3 more

Combustion of biofuels-diesel blends in an isothermal oven


Mario Toledo T. et al. View all

Sustainable Energy

In this work, combustion process of diesel and biofuel blends is studied experimentally in an isothermal oven. Blends with respectively 20%, 40% and 60% of Ethanol (E20, E40, E60), 20%, 40% and 60% of Methanol (M20, M40, M60), and 20%, 40%, 60%, 80% and 100% of Biodiesel (B20, B40, B60, B80, B100)...

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Synthesis, characterisation and catalytic performance of Cu- and Co-modified Fe-Al co-precipitated catalysts for the steam reforming of ethanol


Guilherme de Souza et al. View all

Sustainable Energy

This paper reports the synthesis and the investigation of the properties and performance of Fe-Al catalysts modified with Cu or Co for the steam reforming of ethanol. The materials were prepared by the precipitation method with different Fe/Al ratios. The samples were characterised by the S BET , TG...

Iron catalyst precipitation method +5 more

Volume 17 - Issue 2

Assessment of wind energy potential in East Azarbaijan province of Iran (Case Stady: Sahand station)


Seyed Hossein Mirmousavi et al. View all

Sustainable Energy

Today's world requires a change in how the use of different types of energy. With declining reserves of fossil fuels for renewable energies is of course the best alternative. Among the renewable energy from the wind can be considered one of the best forms of energy can be introduced. Accordingly...

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