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Synthesis, characterisation and catalytic performance of Cu- and Co-modified Fe-Al co-precipitated catalysts for the steam reforming of ethanol

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Sustainable Energy

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1111 - 1120

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Guilherme de Souza
Souza G. Ruoso C. Marcilio N.R. Perez-Lopez O.W.
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This paper reports the synthesis and the investigation of the properties and performance of Fe-Al catalysts modified with Cu or Co for the steam reforming of ethanol. The materials were prepared by the precipitation method with different Fe/Al ratios. The samples were characterised by the SBET, TG/DTG, XRD, H2-TPR and TPO/DTA analyses. The increase in the Fe/Al ratio leads to a decrease in the specific surface area and shifts the reduction peaks towards higher temperatures. The partial substitution of Fe by Co or Cu modifies the structure of the materials because higher specific surface areas and crystallites of iron oxides with smaller sizes are formed. The promotion also improves the reducibility of the iron species. These changes provide higher activity and selectivity towards H2 and CO for the modified samples and for the samples with lower Fe/Al ratio. The Co-containing catalyst showed the best performance because this sample exhibited the highest conversions and selectivity towards both H2 and CO and the lowest formation of coke according to the TPO analysis.

Iron catalyst, precipitation method, mixed oxides, steam reforming, cobalt, copper, coke.