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Papers that were presented in "The Energy and Environment Knowledge Week –E2KW 2013- Conference" in Toledo


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Optimization of Solar Energy for Salt Extraction from Lake Katwe, Uganda


Hillary Kasedde et al. View all

Sustainable Energy

The solar evaporative crystallization process at Lake Katwe was studied using brine evaporation rates, thermal, convection, and radiation energy losses as well as reported meteorological data around the salt lake basin. A simulation model of a salt pan was developed on a lumped basis to study its...

solar evaporation Crystallization +3 more

Combustion of biofuels-diesel blends in an isothermal oven


Mario Toledo T. et al. View all

Sustainable Energy

In this work, combustion process of diesel and biofuel blends is studied experimentally in an isothermal oven. Blends with respectively 20%, 40% and 60% of Ethanol (E20, E40, E60), 20%, 40% and 60% of Methanol (M20, M40, M60), and 20%, 40%, 60%, 80% and 100% of Biodiesel (B20, B40, B60, B80, B100)...

Biofuels Diesel +3 more

Synthesis, characterisation and catalytic performance of Cu- and Co-modified Fe-Al co-precipitated catalysts for the steam reforming of ethanol


Guilherme de Souza et al. View all

Sustainable Energy

This paper reports the synthesis and the investigation of the properties and performance of Fe-Al catalysts modified with Cu or Co for the steam reforming of ethanol. The materials were prepared by the precipitation method with different Fe/Al ratios. The samples were characterised by the S BET , TG...

Iron catalyst precipitation method +5 more

Economic-environmental comparison between flat-plate and evacuated tube solar collectors


Edson Luiz Foletto et al. View all

E2KW 2013

This work employs the environmental methodology of Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) in compliance with ISO 14040 and uses software SimaPro® 7.3.2 to compare the environmental impact in process production of flat plate and evacuated tube solar collectors. In addition, an economic analysis was performed...

economic-environmental analysis evacuated tube +3 more

Study of pretreatments for an enhaced bio-ethanol production from the organic fraction of municipal solid wastes


Francisco Jesus Fernandez Morales et al. View all

E2KW 2013

This study investigates the effect of different pre-treatments on the bio-ethanol production from the soluble compounds of the organic fraction of the municipal solid wastes (OFMSW). The experimental evaluation was performed on leachate samples obtained after mixing OFMSW with water during 10 d. The...

OFMSW Bio-energy +1 more

Energy loss of protons and He2+ beams in plasmas

by et al. View all

E2KW 2013

In this work, the stopping power due to free and bound electrons in a plasma target is analyzed for two different kinds of projectile, protons and alpha particles. The stopping of free electrons is calculated using the dielectric formalism, well described in previous literature. In the case of bound...

Nuclear fusion plasma physics +3 more

The role of epoxidation on Camelina sativa biodiesel properties


Ángel Pérez et al. View all

E2KW 2013

An unstandarised biodiesel made from Camelina sativa oil, having over a 90 percent by weight of unsaturated fatty acids, were transformed into an epoxidised biodiesel that satisfy the requirements for iodine value, linolenic acid methyl ester content, cetane number, polyunsaturated fatty acids...

EN 14214 ASTM D 6751 +4 more

Airplane materials compatibility with blends of fossil kerosene Jet A1 with biokerosenes from babassu, palm kernel and coconut oils


David Bolonio Martín et al. View all

E2KW 2013

Currently there is a big interest to increase the sources of alternative fuels for aviation to get a reduction of their carbon footprint and the deep energetic dependence from fossil fuels of different countries. Although there are studies about how to produce this alternative fuel and if it...

Biokerosene compatibility +2 more

Effect of alternative fuels on diesel low temperature combustion


Juan José Hernández et al. View all

E2KW 2013

A set of experiments have been carried out in a heavy duty single cylinder engine using high EGR rates and different start of injection angles ( SOI ). Three different fuels (conventional diesel fuel, a diesel-ethanol mixture (e-diesel) and a Fischer-Tropsch fuel (GTL)) have been tested in order to...

Alternative diesel fuels Low Temperature Combustion +1 more

Sustainability study of biodiesel from Acrocomia totai


Magin Lapuerta et al. View all

E2KW 2013

The aim of this work is to quantify the life-cycle emissions in terms of CO 2 equivalent grams per megajoule of biodiesel produced from Acrocomia totai, a native oily seed from Paraguay, according to Directive 2009/28/EC. The other key point is to calculate the amount of energy invested to get a...

Life cycle analysis Greenhouse emissions +2 more

Mediterranean species for hedges in solar photovoltaic farms: A four-year study.


Caridad Pérez-de-los-Reyes et al. View all

E2KW 2013

In an effort to reduce the environmental impact on the landscape caused by the installation of photovoltaic farms, Spanish legislation requires the establishment of a hedge on the perimeter of each plot. The objective of the work described here was to increase our knowledge of the hedge species that...

Survival percentage apical growth +3 more

A novel approach to fault detection and diagnosis on wind turbines


Raúl Ruiz de la Hermosa González-Carrato et al. View all

E2KW 2013

The structure of the wind turbines nowadays is a critical element due to their importance from the reliability, availability, safety, and cost points of view. This is more relevant when the offshore wind turbine is considered. This paper introduces a novel design of a Fault Detection and Diagnosis...

Signal processing transfer function +5 more

Feasibility Evaluation of a Biodiesel Plant fed by Recycled Edible Oils Comparing two Alternative Production Technologies


Dimitrios Georgakellos et al. View all

E2KW 2013

The present work is about the techno-economic evaluation of a biodiesel industrial unit that exclusively use recycled edible oils as feedstock, for two alternative production technologies. Nowadays, many biodiesel production units use a mixture of virgin vegetable oils and waste cooking oils. The...

Biodiesel Waste Cooking Oil +2 more