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Airplane materials compatibility with blends of fossil kerosene Jet A1 with biokerosenes from babassu, palm kernel and coconut oils

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E2KW 2013

Pages :
1066 - 1075

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David Bolonio Martín
Bolonio D. Al-Lal A. Llamas A. Sanz-Pérez F. Lapuerta M. Canoira L.
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Currently there is a big interest to increase the sources of alternative fuels for aviation to get a reduction of their carbon footprint and the deep energetic dependence from fossil fuels of different countries. Although there are studies about how to produce this alternative fuel and if it accomplishes the standards for a good performance in the aircraft turbines, there are no studies about how these fuels could affect the different materials of airplanes. In this context this work describes the compatibility of biokerosene blends of coconut, babassu and palm kernel with commercial Jet A-1 testing airplane polymeric materials, metals and composites. As a conclusion, all material samples show a good compatibility with the fuel blends tested.


Biokerosene, compatibility, airplane, materials