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Special Issue on Advanced Oxidation Processes (AOPs)


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Solvothermal synthesis of truncated octahedron Cu2O and their catalytic applications on the degradation of methylene blue


Chengwen Song et al. View all

Advanced Oxidation Processes

Cu 2 O photocatalyst is synthesized by solvothermal method. Morphology and structure of Cu 2 O photocatalyst are analyzed by SEM, XRD and N 2 sorption technique. The catalytic performances and reaction kinetics of Cu 2 O photocatalyst for the degradation of methylene blue (MB) are investigated. The...

Cu2O Catalysis +2 more

Strategies for hydrogen peroxide dosing based on dissolved oxygen concentration for solar photo-Fenton treatment of complex wastewater


Sixto Malato et al. View all

Hydrogen peroxide consumption is known to be one of the key parameters of the photo-Fenton process responsible for its high operating costs. The purpose of this study was to find out whether adding dissolved oxygen to the reaction medium in a continuous stream of pure oxygen or air with different H...

Automatic H2O2 dosing / Dissolved oxygen / Injection of pure oxygen or air / Wastewater decontamination

Simultaneous removal of estrogens and pathogens from secondary treated wastewater by solar photocatalytic treatment


Zacharias Frontistis et al. View all

Recently, the fate of emerging compounds in environmentally relevant samples has attracted considerable attention. Solar semiconductor photocatalysis may offer an appealing methodology to treat such contaminants. At the same time the use of solar photocatalysis for water and wastewater disinfection...

disinfection E. coli +5 more

Evaluation of several commercial polymers as support for TiO2 in photocatalytic applications


Fernando Gutiérrez-Martín et al. View all

This work is aimed to select the best synthetic polymers available in the market with high transmittance in the TiO 2 activation range that can be coated with the semiconductor and withstand the photocatalytic oxidation conditions. Among eleven commercial organic polymers with different additives...

Photocatalysis Polymeric substrates +2 more

The effect of humic acids on the removal of atrazine from water in a continuous photocatalytic membrane reactor


Karabelas A.J. et al. View all

Advanced Oxidation Processes

This paper examines the effect of humic acids (HA) and other solution constituents (Ca 2+ , Mg 2+ , Na + ), frequently encountered in potable water sources, on the removal of a well-known herbicide, atrazine (ATR), by a laboratory-scale pilot Photocatalytic Membrane Reactor (PMR) system...

AOPs Atrazine +3 more

Effect of oxidants in the photocatalytic degradation of DEET under simulated solar irradiation in aqueous TiO2 suspensions


Ioannis Konstantinou et al. View all

Advanced Oxidation Processes

Recently, considerable efforts have been devoted to overcome a major limitation in semiconductor photocatalysis, the recombination of photogenerated e - -h + pairs which leads to reduced quantum yields. Considering the impacts of various parameters on the photocatalytic degradation efficiency, our...

DEET degradation TiO2 photocatalysis +4 more

Electrochemical Decolorization and Removal of Indigo Carmine Textile Dye from Wastewater


Stergiopoulos D. et al. View all

Advanced Oxidation Processes

The present paper discusses an integrated electrochemical decolorization/degradation treatment procedure of indigo carmine dye, which comprises electrocoagulation, electrooxidation and advanced electrochemical oxidation using the electro-Fenton process. The electrocoagulation process is performed by...

Dye house effluents electrochemical coagulation +3 more

Nanocrystalline TiO2 and Halloysite clay mineral composite films prepared by sol-gel method: Synergistic effect and the case of silver modification to the photocatalytic degradation of Basic Blue- 41 azo dye in water.


Elias STATHATOS et al. View all

Advanced Oxidation Processes

Tubular halloysite clay mineral and nanocrystalline TiO 2 were incorporated in the preparation of nanocomposite films on glass substrates via sol-gel method at 450ºC. The synthesis involves a simple chemical method employing nonionic surfactant molecule as pore directing agent along with the acetic...

Titanium dioxide nanocrystalline +5 more

Hydrothermal synthesis of iron oxide photo-Fenton catalysts: the effect of parameters on morphology, particle size and catalytic efficiency


Adrián M.T. Silva et al. View all

Advanced Oxidation Processes

Iron oxide materials were synthesized by an easy and rapid hydrothermal method using different iron precursors (FeCl 3 ∙6H 2 O, Fe(NO 3 ) 3 ∙9H 2 O and K 4 Fe(CN) 6 ∙3H 2 O), solution pHs (acid and basic) and reaction times (3 h and 6 h). The synthesized materials were thoroughly characterized by...

iron oxide hydrothermal method +3 more

TiO2 photocatalytic degradation of caffeine and ecotoxicological assessment of oxidation by-products


Giusy Lofrano et al. View all

Advanced Oxidation Processes

The photocatalytic degradation of caffeine has been investigated in aqueous suspensions of titanium dioxide (TiO 2 ) by monitoring process efficiency at varying TiO 2 (25 - 175 mg l -1 ) and initial drug concentrations (0.5 - 9.5 mg l -1 ). The use of the response surface methodology (RSM) allowed...

caffeine Daphnia magna +3 more

Wastewater disinfection by solar heterogeneous photocatalysis: effect on tetracycline resistant/sensitive Enterococcus strains


Luigi Rizzo et al. View all

Advanced Oxidation Processes

Solar simulated heterogeneous photocatalysis (SSHP) with suspended TiO 2 was investigated in the inactivation of tetracycline resistant/sensitive Enterococcus (TRE/TSE) strains in the effluent of an urban wastewater treatment plant (UWTP). The effect of solar simulated disinfection (SSD) on the...

Advanced oxidation processes antibiotic resistant bacteria +3 more

Modelling micropollutant removal by solar photo-Fenton


José Antonio Sánchez Pérez et al. View all

Advanced Oxidation Processes

This paper is focused on modelling the degradation of micropollutants by solar photo-Fenton at pilot plan scale. To this aim, a three pesticide mixture (acetamiprid, thiabendazole and imazalil, 100 μg l -1 each) was treated by photo-Fenton in simulated secondary effluent. The model covered a wide...

acetamiprid thiabendazole +5 more