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Climate change and air pollution

A Critical probation for potentiality of bio-fuel with exquisite concoction of natural anti-oxidant additive in engines for pollutants reduction


Sithivinayagam N et al. View all

Air Quality

Considering the present global fuel scenario, it becomes highly inevitable to opt for biofuel. Yet the use of biodiesel had increased pollutants which are emitted to the atmosphere such as Carbon monoxide, Unburnt Hydrocarbon, Nitrogen oxides and Smoke density in the combustion products. For this...

air pollution Palm oil +3 more

Smooth nickel - a suitable anodic material in new alkaline fuel cells sulphite/oxygen


Mircea Laurentiu DAN et al. View all

Sustainable Energy

The anodic oxidation of sulphite ions was studied by voltammetric techniques on a nickel electrode in alkaline solution at various concentration of sulphite and polarization rate. The kinetic parameters of the electrode process have been determined using Tafel plots method and a mechanism of the...

anodic sulphite oxidation voltammetric techniques +3 more

A new method of nowcasting wildfires and impacts: a case study for the USA


Panayiotis Varotsos et al. View all

Ecology, environmental change and management

In recent years, there has been a steady increase in the intensity and frequency of wildfires worldwide mainly due to the escalating climate crisis and land-use change. Wildfires result in a decline in air quality and cause damage to property, crops, resources, wildlife, and human lives. Since...

Environment fire ecology +2 more

Research on Performance Assessment of High Quality Development in Urban Green and Low Carbon Transformation


Xiuyan Han et al. View all

Ecological effects of Environmental change

In order to study the effective methods of green and low-carbon transformation in Chinese cities, this paper takes Rizhao City, Shandong Province, China, as the object of study. Based on the analysis of the research background and the literature review, and taking into account the characteristics of...

Green transformation,Green transformation empowerment,High-quality development performance,Overall assessment,Rizhao City

Trace Metals Pollution in Ambient Air of Urban and Rural Coastal Environments


Haryono Setiyo Huboyo et al. View all

Environmental data analysis and modelling

Air pollution in coastal areas will have a different pattern from mountainous areas due to different wind patterns during the day and night. The city of Semarang, as a representation of urban areas, and Jepara Regency, as a representation of the rural regions, were chosen for this sampling. 24-h...

air pollution coastal +3 more

Harvesting of Dunaliella salina using electrocoagulation with helix electrode and producing HHO gas as promising Hydrogen fuel


Mochamad Arief Budihardjo et al. View all

Environmental data analysis and modelling

Biofuels obtained from renewable sources are the only alternative in the global economy from a sustainable point of view. Microalgae have shown tremendous potential as a major source of biomass production that can be used as biofuels. At the same time, gas hydrogen is a non-polluting energy source...

Dunaliella salina Electrocoagulation +3 more

Circular economy

Investigation on Tensile and Flexural Behaviour of Fibre Reinforced Concrete Using Artificial Neural Network


A.Dhanalakshmi et al. View all

Solid Waste Management

The purpose of this study is to investigate the impact that using marble sludge powder as a partial replacement for cement in concrete can have. Experiments were conducted to investigate a variety of characteristics of fiber-reinforced concrete using both fresh concrete and concrete that had been...

Fibre Reinforced Concrete Polypropylene 3s +1 more

Enhancing Solid Waste Sustainability with Iroko Wooden Sawdust and African Oil Bean Shell Particle-Strengthened Epoxy Composites


K Manickaraj et al. View all

Solid Waste Management

Bio-composite materials are gaining traction in various industries as sustainable alternatives to synthetic fiber-reinforced composites. This study investigated the impact of fine powders loading on the tensile, transverse, and compressive characteristics of hybrid composites composed of Iroko...

Oil bean shell sawdust +3 more

Effectiveness of corn stalk biochar in amending the contaminated soil attributes and enhancing the sustainable grass growth


Ditta A. et al. View all

Environmental Management and Policies

It is important to rapidly amend the hostile rural soil fertility and quality to develop green land verdure. In this research, cornstalk-derived biochar was added (sequence proportions 0, 1, 5, 10, 20, and 50 % in the mass ratio) into hostile rural soil and then the grass was grown in the pots. The...

Biochar Corn Stalk +3 more

Influence of Utilizing Prosopis Juliflora Ash as Cement on Mechanical Properties of Cement Mortar and Concrete


Karthikeyan Ganesan et al. View all

Ecology, environmental change and management

The infrastructure of the country heavily depends on the construction material concrete. The primary ingredient in conventional concrete is cement, fly ash, or another cementitious substance. The need to explore alternative sources is driven by the challenges posed by global environmental warming...

Prosopis Juliflora Ash Mechanical Properties +3 more

Effect of coconut shell ash as an additive on the properties of green concrete


S. Shanmuga Priya et al. View all

Solid Waste Management

Concrete is the broadly adopted composite material in the construction arena. The growing need for cost-effective housing is resulting in the depletion of environmental resources such as river sand and gravel, which are essential components in the manufacture of concrete. However, the manufacturing...

coconut shell ash Green Concrete +3 more

Solid waste management

Synergistic effects of microbes and plant for remediation of chromium contaminated soil


Dr. V. Ravisankar et al. View all

Soil and groundwater contamination and remediation

The contamination of soil is a serious issue to the environment caused by the human activities in the form of improper disposal methods. There are several contaminated dumpsites in India where, hazardous and other wastes contains heavy metal were dumped historically, which subsequently results in...

Heavy metal chromium +4 more

Kinetic Model of Anaerobic Digestion from Chicken Manure and Thai Rice Noodle Wastewater in Continuous Reactors


Sunwanee Jijai et al. View all

Environmental data analysis and modelling

A kinetic model was used to describe the anaerobic co-digestion of chicken manure (CM) and Thai rice noodle wastewater (TRNW) in continuous reactors. This research investigated the effects of mixing interval and hydraulic retention time (HRT) on methane production and other related kinetic...

Kinetic Model Anaerobic digestion +2 more

Improving heavy metal removal efficiency from steel sludge: Application of the coupled ultrasonic-bioleaching treatment


Roya Mafigholami et al. View all

Water and Wastewater Treatment

This study assessed the efficiency of Fe, Al, Ni and Sr removal from the steel sludge using the coupled bioleaching with Thiobacillus thiooxidans and ultrasonic waves. Growth conditions were optimized using the surface response method. The bacterium was adapted successively to three heavy metal...

Bioleaching Heavy metals +3 more

Efficiency of Food Waste Activated Carbon in Treating Biodiesel Plant Effluent: Impact on Process Conditions and NaOH Recovery


Dawn S S et al. View all

Water and Wastewater Treatment

In work illustrated, the mixed food reject was carbonized and further activated with zinc chloride for biodiesel washwater treatment experiments. Biodiesel washwater is one of the significant side streams generated during biodiesel production from waste cooking oil. The food waste activated carbon...

Biodiesel washwater Activated carbon +3 more

Anaerobic Digestion of Corn Stover Pretreated with Sulfuric Acid in Different Soaking Durations


Lukhi Mulia Shitophyta et al. View all


The biogas production of pretreated corn stover has been determined in different soaking durations. Batch anaerobic digestion applies three different soaking durations in sulfuric acid pretreatment under room temperature. The study aimed to probe the effect of soaking durations during sulfuric acid...

acid pretreatment Biogas +3 more

Water and wastewater

Transport of alumina nanoparticles in natural waters and water saturated porous media- an analysis of the effect of various environmental parameters


Mrudula Pulimi et al. View all

Water Quality

To control the use and disposal of products containing nanoparticles and lessen the risks they pose to soil and aquatic ecosystems, it is essential to understand the fate and transport of Al2O3 NPs. The stability, settling, retention, and transport of Al2O3 NPs in aqueous environments and saturated...

Aluminium oxide nanoparticle transport +2 more

Evaluation of the response of dynamic changes in the natural attenuation of chloride-polluted groundwater via high-throughput sequencing: Degradation characteristics and environmental changes


Jianliang Xue et al. View all

Soil and groundwater contamination and remediation

Due to its cost-effectiveness and absence of secondary pollution, the biological approach for eradicating chloride pollution has attracted widespread interest. However, numerous obstacles, including the limited presence of degrading microbes and a substantial impact from environmental variables...

natural attenuation chloride pollution +3 more

The effect of temperature on the U-232 and Am-241 adsorption by PN6 microplastics in aqueous solutions.


Ioannidis I. et al. View all

Microplastics in the marine environment

The effect of temperature on the adsorption of U-232 and Am-241 by PN6 has been investigated in laboratory and environmental water samples (e.g. seawater and waste water) in the picomolar concentration range. Generally, increasing temperature favors radionuclide adsorption, indicating that...

uranium americium +4 more

Vigna stipulacea mediated Fe nanoparticles synthesis: A greener approach for sequestration of Pb2+ from aqueous environment


R. Mafaz Ahamed et al. View all

Water and Wastewater Treatment

The greener approach offers a viable, sustainable and eco-friendly way to synthesize nanoparticles. This study used the seed extract of Vigna stipulacea (VS) as a bioreducing agent to synthesize iron nanoparticles (VS-Fe). The VS seed extract contains polyphenols and lignin content that acted as a...

Fe nanoparticles green synthesis +3 more

Diatom records in sediments for eutrophication process of Lake Xian'nv, China since the mid-20th century


Yong Ji et al. View all

Ecological effects of Environmental change

To well understand the eutrophication process for inland lakes where more lands had been used for agriculture and industry without adequate environmental protections, 9 surface sediments and 1 core sediment in Lake Xian’nv which was located in the middle of Jiangxi Province were chosen. Combined...

Diatom community sediments +3 more

Spatiotemporal variability of heavy metals concentration in an industrialized estuarine-bay ecosystem in Northern Persian Gulf


Mahsa HakimiAbed et al. View all

Ecological effects of Environmental change

This study aimed to evaluate the pollution level of Ni, Pb, Cd, V, and Hg in the sediments of Musa Estuary and its four main tributaries namely Majidieh, Zangi, Semaili, and Merimos (collectively known as Mahshahr estuaries) in summer and winter 2019 using sediment quality indices. In each tributary...

Mahshahr estuaries spatio-temporal analysis +2 more

Green Synthesis of ZnO Nanoparticles Using Moringa Oleifera Leaf Extract for Efficient Photocatalytic Degradation of Organic Dyes


Lakshmanaprubhu S et al. View all

Water and Wastewater Treatment

In this research, we provide a method for synthesizing ZnO nanoparticles using Moringa Oleifera Leaf (M.O Leaf) Extract. UV-VIS Spectroscopy, Scanning Electron Microscopy, EDS, X-ray diffraction and Fourier Transform Infrared Spectroscopy (FTIR) were used to create and characterize ZnO nanoparticles...

Biosynthesis M.O Extract +2 more

Solar still desalination techniques for the minimization of operational time and cost: a review


Vairavel Madeshwaren et al. View all


This current, comprehensive study of the literature provides a full review of recent developments in a variety of various kinds of solar stills. This review looks at studies on double-slope, hybrid solar stills, single-slope, with a condenser unit, and other particular types of solar stills. To make...

solar still Desalination +5 more

Facile Prepared Fe3O4 Nanoparticles as a Nano-Catalyst on photo-Fenton process to remediation of methylene blue dye from water: Characterisation and Optimization


Ahmed HALFADJI et al. View all

Nanomaterials in the environment: applications and effects

In this research, a simple method for the preparation of Fe3O4 nanoparticles (Fe3O4NPs) with an average size of 38.05 nm via co-precipitation was investigated. X-ray diffraction (DRX), scanning electron microscopy (SEM), and infrared spectroscopy (FT-IR) were used to characterize obtained Fe3O4...

Fe3O4Nps structural characterization +5 more

Effect of Zeolux and Filters Backwash Water (FBWW) on Plant Growth and Yield of Sage (Salvia Officinalis) Plant


Zaydoun AbuSalem et al. View all

Water and wastewater reuse

Jordan is one of the few countries with constricted water resources, having one of the lowest per capita water levels in the world (Ministry of Agriculture, 2015). Jordan's available water resources per person are predicted to fall from less than 160 m3/capita/year to roughly 90 m3/capita/year by...

FBWW Filters Backwash Water +3 more