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Generation estimation and metals recycling potentials evaluation of retired mobile phones in Philippines

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Circular economy

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65 - 71

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Bo Li
Li A. Li B. Miao J. Liu X. Wang H. Lei X. Hou S. Hou X.
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The goal of this work is to evaluate generation estimation and metals recycling potential of retired mobile phones in Philippines. The generation estimation is conducted with the sales&new method and statistic data, such as sales of mobile phones and amount of the subscribers. The result shows that there are 18.11 million of mobile phones retired in 2021, compared 6.31 million in 2010. Accordingly, the deduced lifetime have minimum and maximum value in 2016 and 2011, which is 4.24 and 27.22 years, compared with 9.02 years in 2021. The crosscheck testifies to the veracity of the result in comparison with the actual condition. The metals recycling potentials and dynamic are also calculated with the content and amount of retired mobile phones. The result shows that the metals recycling potentials and dynamic increase with the increasing amount of retired mobile phones in Philippines.

WEEE, e-waste, retired, mobile, phone, generation, estimation