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Distilled water by solar desalination using PCM in environmental solution

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132 - 137

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Vairavel M.
Mohanasundaram S., Mohan R., Vairavel M.
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By using a hybrid solar mineral water production setup to turn sea water into mineral water, this research intends to provide a comprehensive solution to the human need for drinking water. Before feeding seawater into the solar still, it also applies the proper pretreatment. In order to increase the rate of evaporation, this research maintains a thin layer of water. It also chooses or optimises the best PCM for night production and supports climatic fluctuations during day production. It chooses and refines the best absorber black coating for the basin in order to improve the quality and longevity of the absorption process. This article adapts the proper post treatment for fresh water to provide mineral water and has the necessary alterations to utilise the hybrid system anywhere there is feed water, if necessary. The computer-integrated data logger is used to properly infer real-time measurements. As a result, the hybrid effort increased both the yield of fresh water and the drinking water's quality. The highest yield was 6.273 kg per square metre per day in the winter and 9.715 kg per square metre per day in the summer. The design of the solar still with multiple trays, solar disc emphasis on the solar still, and cover cooling technique shall be supplemented the additional yield of fresh water from the sea water can further improve the system.

Solar desalination, solar still, optimization, sea water, data logger