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Integrated design of stepped solar still with internal glass reflector for environmental desalination

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142 - 149

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P.Gopi, C. Muthusamy
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Water, a scarce resource that is necessary for the survival of all life on Earth and also for economic, environmental sustainability, and social progress, is becoming increasingly difficult to come by. Recent research analysis revealed that reflector, absorber, and evaporator were the three distinct components of equipment employed in solar stills. These three essential pieces of equipment help the portable water solution's re-mineralization process run smoothly. These three components were used to assess the efficiency and quality of water. The 1x1 m3 specification was used to examine this experiment. Using absorbers, reflectors, and evaporators, this study developed three distinct conceptual stages. The initial phase includes cloth, stone, and waste steel used in the absorber process. Using a reflector, a secondary stage experiment compared using with and without glass. The stepped type absorber with mild steel, plain round, and square fin type trays are all dealt with in the territorial stage of the evaporator process. To assess the improved desalination system, an analysis between an enhanced stepped solar still and a plain stepped solar still is made. It increases the concentration of solar radiation on the water and simultaneously enhances the heat transfer and leads to a 30 % enhancement of efficiency.

Desalination, solar still, reflector, absorber, evaporator, solar radiation