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IOT Technology Based Vehicle Pollution Monitoring and Control

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Every year, the number of people who die because of pollution rises, with air pollution being the major cause. Air pollution is generated by a variety of factors, one of which is pollution caused by automobiles. Technological improvements make great efforts to detect accidents and monitor the increasing pollution. In this paper, a novel Internet of Things-based Vehicle Gas Emission Monitoring System (IoT-VGEMS) to monitor and control the reduction of gas emissions. The overall work is categorized into two sections: One is Transmission Part, and the other is receiving part. The Transmitting Part consists of Arduino UNO, MQ-135 Sensor, and nRF24L01 transmitter. The Receiving Part consists of Arduino UNO, LCD Display, GSM, and nRF24L01 receiver. Initially, creating code to sense the data from the MQ-135 sensor to the Arduino UNO and store the data in Arduino 1 is fetched to transfer with the help of the nRF24L01 module. Using an Arduino UNO to interface with a GSM module. GSM module that would deliver the warning and intimation messages to the vehicle owner and display them on LCD. Finally, GSM can able to send a message to the respective user if the pollution level exceeds the threshold. Hence the message from our device will give information about the emission and the user could rectify it. Few people will not take any action even if they receive a warning from transport officials, they will be penalized further.

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