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Wave and Dissolved Oxygen Transmission Analysis in Harbors using Flushing Culverts: An Experimental Aproach

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152 - 160

Tsoukala V.K., Gaitanis C.K., Stamou A.I. and Moutzouris C.I.
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One of the most favorable and cost-saving methods to counteract water quality deterioration in a
harbor basin is the use of flushing culverts, which reduce flushing times and avoid areas of low flow
and eddies formation. In the present paper, results of experiments carried out in a 2-D facility in
order to investigate wave and dissolved oxygen transmission in harbor basins through flushing
culverts are presented and analyzed. Incident wave and transmitted wave heights were determined
using wave gauges for various combinations of wave characteristics and geometric characteristics
of the flushing culverts. An empirical equation using regression analysis was derived, which
correlates the wave transmission coefficient with the characteristics of the waves and the
geometrical characteristics of the flushing culvert. Further the oxygen transmission coefficient
through flushing culverts, was expressed as a function of the characteristics of waves and the
dimensions of the flushing culvert. The comparison of calculated and experimental data is very
encouraging. Though, the verification of the proposed equation with even more extended
experimental data and real scale measurements is needed in order to be used in the design

transmission coefficient, water quality, coastal structure, flushing culvert