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Improvement of marina design technology using hydrodynamic models

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63 - 72

Stamou A.I., Katsiris I.K., Moutzouris C.I. and Tsoukala V.K.
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Á mathematical model is applied to calculate the water circulation in the marina of Latsi in Cyprus.
The flow field in the marina shows the general behavior of coastal, wind driven flows, being strongly
influenced by the characteristics of the entrance of the marina. The small dimension and the location
of the entrance do not permit the inflow or outflow of significant flow rates, thus resulting to long flushing
times. The use of two openings has been investigated. Computations show that the first opening
plays a very important role, while the effect of the second opening is only of local and minor importance.
This behavior is due to the orientation and the position of these openings with respect to the
entrance. The use of the first opening results to a significant increase of the flow-rate passing through
the inner part of the marina, which increases the magnitude of the velocities and reduce the flushing
times. The use of the second opening leads to a significant short-circuiting path of the flow between the
opening and the entrance. The first opening has been proposed for construction.

mathematical model, marina, flushing, flushing time, residence time, Latsi