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Use of simulation models in the protection of groundwater aquifer systems. Application at the Upper Anthemountas basin in Chalkidiki, Greece

  • Authors (legacy)
    Mitsios P., Tsilonis G. and Theodossiou N.

The importance of the development and application of groundwater simulation mathematical
models in the protection of aquifer systems is nowadays recognised as an undisputable fact.
In this paper a mathematical model that was developed in order to simulate the operation of
the Upper Anthemountas aquifer in Chalkidiki, Greece, is presented. The case study
application investigated concerned the possible malfunction of the Waste Water Treatment
Plant located within the study area. According to this scenario a possible malfunction of the
treatment plant could pollute the underlying aquifer. A network of observation wells located
downstream of the plant could detect the pollution and predict the time needed to reach the
productive wells surrounding the area. This allows the local water resources managers to
formulate a priori action-plans including, the alteration of the pumping schedule in order to
prevent polluted water to be abstracted from the nearby wells and at the same time protect
the public health, along with necessary measures concerning the prevention of further
pollution and the restoration of the groundwater aquifer system.

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