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Self–Evaluating and Benchmarking Environmental Performance of Businesses: A Web–Based Approach


Mandaraka M., Makrinou K. and Assimacopoulos D.


A Web-node has been created in order to address the specific needs of the small and medium enterprises (SMEs) of three important economic areas in the Mediterranean region, the food, textile and hotel sectors. The node provides important information on the market structure in the relevant sectors...

Environmental performance indicators +4 more

Polluted Water Effluent in the Sea


Demetriou J. D.


In this experimental study some measurements and their analysis are presented concerning the polluted water effluent disposal in the sea water. The wastes are disposed through the round openings of a submerged in the sea diffuser, in the form of turbulent jets which are mixing (diffusing) with the...

Sea Environmental Hydraulics +3 more

Clean up of acidic leachates using fly ash barriers: Laboratory column studies


Komnitsas K., Bartzas G. and Paspaliaris I.


Laboratory column tests were conducted to study the efficiency of lignite fly ash barriers in removing heavy metal ions, such as Fe, Zn, Mn, Ni, Cd, Co, Al and Cu, present in high concentrations in acidic leachates produced in mining and waste disposal sites. The experimental configuration comprised...

Permeable reactive barriers fly ash +1 more

Removal of As, Cr and Cd by Absorptive Filtration


Dermatas D. and Xiaoguang M.


The US Environmental Protection Agency (USEPA) recently introduced more stringent arsenic regulations by lowering the maximum contaminant level (MCL) to 10 ìg l-1 (ppb) arsenic in drinking water. During the present study, an iron solution injection sand filtration process was designed and tested to...

Water arsenic +11 more

Improvement of marina design technology using hydrodynamic models


Stamou A.I., Katsiris I.K., Moutzouris C.I. and Tsoukala V.K.


Á mathematical model is applied to calculate the water circulation in the marina of Latsi in Cyprus. The flow field in the marina shows the general behavior of coastal, wind driven flows, being strongly influenced by the characteristics of the entrance of the marina. The small dimension and the...

mathematical model marina +4 more

Risk Analysis for Environmental Hazards. The case of oil spills in Crete


Kassomenos P.A.


In this paper a review of most recent practices in the field of Risk analysis are presented. Then the available data for oil spill incidents in the area of Crete covering the period 1995-1999 are analysed and discussed in detail. Risk analysis tables are produced in order to formulate the spatial...

Environmental Hazards Oil spill incidents +2 more

Environmental Strategies of Polluting Industries


Sarmento M. and Duarte M.


Citizen concerns about environmental management practices will usually lead to public attention and legislative proposals. This paper intends to assess the behaviour of potential environmental polluting industries. In order to accomplish this objective, a survey composed of twenty-five questions was...

environmental analysis Environmental Survey +3 more

Ranking spatial interpolation techniques using a GIS-based DSS


Naoum S. and Tsanis I.K.


A GIS-based Decision Support System (DSS) was developed to select the appropriate interpolation technique used in studying rainfall spatial variability. The DSS used the ArcView GIS platform by incorporating its spatial analysis capabilities, the programming language "AVENUE", and simple statistical...

ArcView GIS AVENUE +4 more