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Self–Evaluating and Benchmarking Environmental Performance of Businesses: A Web–Based Approach

  • Authors (legacy)
    Mandaraka M., Makrinou K. and Assimacopoulos D.

A Web-node has been created in order to address the specific needs of the small and medium enterprises
(SMEs) of three important economic areas in the Mediterranean region, the food, textile and
hotel sectors. The node provides important information on the market structure in the relevant sectors,
environmental technology issues and legislation, as well as Diagnostic Tools allowing the selfevaluation
and benchmarking of SME's environmental performance.
Environmental performance is evaluated on the basis of the business operational data. A limited set
of environmental indicators is being calculated, and performance is compared to that of its business
competitors, as well as to international standards and "Best Available Techniques".
The diagnosis procedure identifies potential environmental problems in the daily operation of the
companies. The system suggests actions of minor and/or greater cost which could improve environmental
performance and calculates the potential benefit from the decrease of the operational cost.
The overall objective is to assist SMEs in increasing their competitiveness and thereby their position
in the market.

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