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Friendly environmental policies implementation within the company: an ESG ratings analysis and its applicability to companies´ environmental performance enhancement


Francisco J. Sáez-Martínez et al. View all

Environmental Management and Policies

In order to move towards a more environmentally oriented economy, society needs to be aware and able to recognize environmental friendly practices. Firms are increasingly relying on environmental scores ratings to make strategic decisions. In this context, understanding how day-to-day company´s...

ESG ratings environmental scores +3 more

Effects of forest expansion and land abandonment on ecosystem services of alpine environments: case study in Ledro valley (Italy) for the period 1859-2011


Vassilis Aschonitis et al. View all

Ecosystems and Natural Resources Management

During the last century, the European Alps have faced intense socio-economic changes, which have led to respective land-use changes with immediate impact on ecosystem services (ESs). The aim of the study is to present the land-use changes and their effects on the economical contribution of ESs in...

Alpine environment land-use change +3 more

Occurrence and fate of 17β-estradiol in water resources and wastewater in Ahvaz, Iran


Afshin Takdastan et al. View all

Water Quality

Estradiol is known as the indicator of the presence of hormones as Endocrine Disruptor Compounds (EDCs) in water and wastewater. The entrance of these compounds into water resources through daily liquid wastes of societies as well as pharmaceutical industries, ranching, and pathology laboratories...

estradiol slaughterhouse wastewater +3 more

Factorial design and optimization of leachate treatment using persulfate oxidation


Dr.Salem S. Abu Amr et al. View all

Advanced Oxidation Processes

The current study aimed to evaluate the performance of sodium persulfate to treat stabilized landfill leachate. Factorial design with response surface methodology (RSM) was used to evaluate the interaction between operational conditions, such as persulfate dosage, pH, and reaction time, to obtain...

landfill leachate Persulfate +2 more

Comparison of a black-box model to a traditional numerical model for Hydraulic Head Prediction


Karatzas G.P. et al. View all


Two different methodologies for hydraulic head simulation were compared in this study. The first methodology is a classic numerical groundwater flow simulation model, Princeton Transport Code (PTC), while the second one is a black-box approach that uses Artificial Neural Networks (ANNs). Both...

hydraulic head change simulation groundwater modeling +2 more

Assessing the Sensitivity of SWMM to Variations in Hydrological and Hydraulic Parameters: A Case Study for the city of Istanbul


Basak Guven et al. View all

Hydrology and water resources

Overland flow is highly affected by increasing urbanization, and variations in land use and climatic variables, especially in the last few decades. This necessitates the development of modeling approaches for planning and management of catchments that play a significant role on water supply. The...

SWMM parameter sensitivity analysis +3 more

Modeling and characterization of natural organic matter and its relationship with the THMs formation


Brijesh Kumar Mishra et al. View all

Water Quality

Natural organic matter (NOM) has been identified as the prominent precursor for disinfection by-products (DBPs) formation during chlorination. Various studies have shown that the characteristics of NOM influence the Trihalomethanes (THMs) formation mechanism. The present study represents NOM...

Natural organic matter Total organic carbon +4 more

Odour control strategies for a sustainable nuisances action plan


Tiziano Zarra ( et al. View all


Different land uses, infrastructures, industrial activities and residential patterns of developed cities expose simultaneously people to several annoying sources. Over recent years, the European Union has provided several tools to harmonize noise mapping methodologies and relative Noise Action Plans...

annoyance environmental nuisances +2 more

Odour measurement in wastewater treatment plant using both European and Japanese standardized methods: correlation and comparison study


Tiziano Zarra ( et al. View all


Odours discharged from wastewater treatment plants generally cause severe damage to locals. When facility odors affect air quality and cause citizen complaints, an investigation of those odours may require using standardized scientific methods. Odour intensity is one of the main odour...

dynamic olfactometry EN13725:2003 +3 more

Efficient degradation of dibutyl phthalate and utilization of Phthalic Acid Esters (PAEs) by Acinetobacter species isolated from MSW (Municipal Solid Waste) leachate


Maitra S.S. et al. View all

Solid Waste Management

Bacteria from the genus Acinetobacter are opportunistic pathogens and cause harm to humans. In this study a new bacterial strain designated as Acinetobacter sp. 33F was isolated from municipal solid waste (MSW) leachate. This bacterium is useful as it degrades and utilizes dibutyl phthalate (DBP) as...

Efficient DBP degradation growth kinetics +2 more

Air quality in the main cities of the Pearl River Delta Region


Lopes D. et al. View all

Air Quality

In this study current status of the ambient air quality in the main cities of the Pearl River Delta region was investigated. Two special administrative regions (Macau and Hong Kong) and three major cities of Guangdong (Guangzhou, Dongguan and Foshan) were selected for analysis according to their...

air quality status backward trajectories +2 more

Heavy metal migration along a rural highway route: Ilesha-Akure roadside oil, Southwestern, Nigeria


OLUWATUYI O.E. et al. View all


This paper present migration of some selected heavy metal (zinc, lead, copper, chromium and nickel) of roadside soil samples from along Ilesa-Akure highway with a view to assess the degree of contamination such soils contain and the likelihood that this contamination can be remobilized. Soil samples...

Clay Minerals Geo-accumulation Index +4 more

Efficiency of integrated ultrasonic and anaerobic digestion of oil refinery wastewater sludge


Azemnia S. et al. View all

Wastewater treatment

The main effects of ultrasonic sludge are solubilization and release of organic components and biodegradability enhance of sludge by disrupting the physical, chemical and biological properties sludge. The objective of the current study was to determine the effect of ultrasound on anaerobic digestion...

Ultrasonic Anaerobic digestion +1 more

Biodegradation of aniline by Enterobacter ludwigii KH-5 isolated from the soil around Shiraz refinery, Iran


Farshid Kafilzadeh et al. View all

Pollution Control Technology

Aniline is a harmful substance that pollutes the environment and seriously endangers human health. In the present study five different bacteria were enriched and isolated from the soil around Shiraz refinery (Iran) as aniline degrading bacteria. They were identified as Enterobacter ludwigii KH-5...

aniline Biodegradation +3 more

Cold Vapor Atomic Absorption and Microwave Digestion for the Determination of Mercury in Honey, Pollen, Propolis and Bees of Greek Origin


Eleni Karasali and Niki Maragou et al. View all


In the present study a fast and reliable cold vapor atomic absorbance method was developed and validated for the determination of mercury in four beehive matrices (honey, pollen, propolis and bees) from Greece. For the sample preparation microwave digestion with H 2 O 2 and HNO 3 in closed vessels...

bio-indicators apicultural products +2 more

Modeling the dispersion of NOx and SO2 emissions from a proposed biogas producing facility


Prof. Dr. Sabah Ahmed Abdul-Wahab et al. View all

Air Quality

This study aims to model the dispersion of two pollutants: nitrogen oxides (NO x ) and sulfur dioxide (SO 2 ) from an onsite biogas fueled generator by using CALPUFF modeling system. CALPUFF is a non-steady state puff simulating software that takes into account, meteorological data, terrain data and...

Biogas CALPUFF +4 more