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An environmental health information system - assessment of the situation in Greece

  • Authors
    Cavoura O.
    Katsiri A.
    Katsiris N.
    Mantziaras I.
    Dalbokova D.

Presented are the results, with emphasis on the situation in Greece, of the ENHIS-2 project
“Establishment of Environment and Health Information System Supporting Policy Making”. The
information system is based on a set of Environmental Health Indicators developed and updated by
the project, organized according to the four WHO CEHAPE (Children’s Environment and Health Action
Plan for Europe) Regional Priority Goals (RPGs). In total 30 indicators have been developed and
calculated using data from international and national databases. The outcome of the indicator piloting
and the collection of information on relevant policies is used to make a preliminary assessment for
Greece of the effects of environmental agents to population health in general and to children’s health in
particular. The preliminary conclusions are that environmental problems in Greece are similar to those
experienced by other European countries. Regarding legislation and policies, Greece as a European
member state has a well established legislative framework based mainly on the ratification of E.C.
Directives. There is however a lack in more specific policies and action plans , and a lack of a well
organized system for inspecting, monitoring and reporting environmental health problems.