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ENVIRON: Environmental Impacts from Advanced Communications - Evidence from an Input-Output Theory

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15 - 28

Bonazountas M., Panethimitakis A. and Kallidromitou D.
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The ENVIRON model estimates environmental impacts (positive, negative) from the introduction and
use of Advanced Communications (AC); Information Society Technologies (IST) in industrial, commercial
and business sectors in Greece. The model estimates effects on output, employment, income,
environment and energy requirements. It is based on the: (i) Leontief Input-Output theory-analysis,
(ii) Introduction of AC/IST and in particular of the Telematics as a new sector into the economic system
of a country, and (iii) Incorporation of pollution emission factors into the system.
The types of AC represented are grouped into six categories: access to information systems, electronic
transactions, robotics and tele-action, tele-working, mobile communications and video facilities.
Industry sectors considered are transport, business and services, public and domestic.
The application of ENVIRON indicates that the introduction of AC into the production process will
result into a 15.8% decrease of energy consumption, a reduction of 14.32-10.14% in SO2, and it will
have strong positive effects on the economic system of Greece especially on profits related to environmental
protection. The model demonstrates the use of the Leontief Input-Output analysis in environmental
impacts analysis matters and policy.

Advanced Communications, Environment, Information society, Input-Output Analysis, Leontief, Impacts