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Water saving and yield increase of sugar beet with subsurface drip irrigation


Sakellariou-Markantonaki M., Kalfounzos D. and Vyrlas P.


This study was conducted to evaluate the surface and subsurface drip irrigation (SDI) application effects on sugar beet crop performance, under two levels (100% and 80%) of water application depth. The experimental design was a split plot with four replications. Laterals were set every second crop...

irrigation water management drip systems +3 more

Regression Analysis and urban air quality forecasting: an application for the city of Athens


Slini Th., Karatzas K. and Papadopoulos Ag.


Air pollution forecasts in major urban areas are becoming a problem concerning the day to day environmental management for city authorities. This paper describes the development of an application to forecast the peak ozone levels with the aid of meteorological and air quality variables, in the...

Ecological statistics air quality forecasting +1 more

Fourier Analysis of the mean monthly Nox Concentration in the Athens basin


Nastos P., Philandras C. and Paliatsos A.


In the present work, Fourier Analysis is applied to the mean monthly NOx concentrations of the period 1989-1999, for a network of 7 stations. Treating NO and NO2 as a single primary pollutant, we succeeded the assessment of NOx concentrations. The main causes of NOx emissions in urban areas are the...

Fourier analysis annual variation +3 more

Degradation of phenol in wastewater using anolyte produced from electrochemical generation of brine solution


Azni Idris and Katayon Saed


This paper presents the degradation of phenol in wastewater using anolyte, which is generated from electrochemical activation process. Anolyte consists of reactive ions and free radicals, which contribute to its oxidizing behavior. The optimum conditions, which facilitate a complete degradation of...

anolyte electrochemical activation process +2 more

On the relation between sea surface and lower temperature over the northern hemisphere


Bartzokas A., Metaxas D.A. and Giles B.D.


In this work the covariability of sea surface and lower troposphere temperatures (SST-AT) is investigated for winter (DJFM) and summer (JJAS), over the whole northern hemisphere, by utilizing monthly anomalies in grid boxes for a 22-year period. Air temperature variations in the lower troposphere...

northern hemisphere factor analysis +3 more