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Water saving and yield increase of sugar beet with subsurface drip irrigation

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85 - 91

Sakellariou-Markantonaki M., Kalfounzos D. and Vyrlas P.
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This study was conducted to evaluate the surface and subsurface drip irrigation (SDI) application
effects on sugar beet crop performance, under two levels (100% and 80%) of water application depth.
The experimental design was a split plot with four replications. Laterals were set every second crop row
(1 m apart), with emitters spaced 1 m apart. In the case of SDI, laterals were buried 0.45 m under the
ground. Soil moisture measurements were taken up to 75 cm depth, using the TDR method. The soil
water content and the yield characteristics of each treatment were recorded. Irrigation method showed
to affect crop performance significantly while water application level was less critical. The experimental
results indicated that the subsurface drip irrigation leaded to a greater yield and higher sugar content
making significant water saving compared to surface drip irrigation.

irrigation water management, drip systems, sugar beet, yield, sugar content