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Crop requirements and water losses in collective pressurized irrigation networks in Northern Greece

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Arampatzis G.K., Evangelides C.H. and Hatzigiannakis E.G.
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Water volume consumed for crop irrigation at the plain of Thessaloniki – northern Greece, was
estimated and compared against the volume reported by the General Land Reclamation
Organisation (G.L.R.O.) of Thessaloniki – Lagada. For the estimation of net crop water
requirements, apart from crop evapotanspiration, the contribution of effective precipitation, soil
moisture and the phreatic aquifer through capillary elevation were considered. Estimates were
performed for five collective pressurized irrigation networks (P. Skilitsi, Nisi, Alexandria, Shinas,
Kariotissa), located at the plain of Thessaloniki and referred to years 1995 to 2004 inclusive. River
Aliakmonas is the main source of these networks. Results reveal considerable losses of irrigation
water that are related to the management, operation and maintenance of the networks by the Local
Land Reclamation Organizations (L.L.R.O.).

irrigation networks, crop requirements, water losses, network management