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Water Resourses in Greece : Present and Future

  • Authors (legacy)
    M.A. Mimikou

The European Water Framework Directive 2000/60 has established a new legislation for
sustainable management of water resources and protection of their relevant eco-systems.
The primary objective of the Directive which is the achievement of acceptable water
quality through the implementation of rational water resources management plans
presupposes the planning and implementation of a national water policy.
The hydrologic regime in Greece corresponds to other Mediterranean countries of the
European Union due to the inadequate availability of water resources and the
Mediterranean hydroclimatic conditions. Water demands in several areas of Greece are
not satisfactorily covered, while these regions experience an "endemic" shortage of water
that appears to be critical. This situation needs an immediate confrontation. The “best
institutional and policy practice” for water management appears to be urgently required,
along with the creation of a lasting network of institutional research policy for enhancing
the productivity of water, at national and local levels.

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