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Environmental Management Approaches and Water Resources in the stessed region of Thriassion, Greece

  • Authors (legacy)
    Karavitis C.A., Bosdogianni A. and Vlachos E.C.

The present attempt has a two prong-emphasis. On the one hand it demarcates the physical, structural,
social and economic parameters and the eliciting environmental problems in Thriassion Plain, the main
industrial area of metropolitan Athens, Greece. On the other hand it attempts to delineate a framework
of total unit management in terms of actions that may make possible the solution of long term pollution
problems focusing on the whole spectrum of potential policy alternatives. Such an approach could contribute
in presenting some options, for water resources management in particular and in general for natural
resources management efforts, that may outline an environmental management framework necessary
for a continuous, comprehensive and future oriented development of the area.

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