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Sustainability and regional development: the case of the tourism sector in Southern Europe


Modinos M.


The present work argues that sustainable tourism is essential to the long-term survival of the tourism industry in Europe. Sustainable tourism may be regarded as a means of redressing economic imbalances between European regions and nations without producing adverse environmental, social and...

Environmental planning natural resources and ecosystems management +3 more

Management of Resources for Sustainable Development: Entropy "SHOWS" the way


Tassios D.


The purpose of “Sustainable Development” raises the following basic question: Which “indicator” should be used to identify the human activities that are contrary to this purpose? In this paper it will be shown that “Entropy Generation” constitutes this Indicator. To this purpose, we will use three...

Sustainable development Entropy Generation

Neural Networks for Environmental Problems: Data Quality Control and Air Pollution Nowcasting


Benvenuto F. and Marani A.


This work illustrates the use and some related results of Artificial Neural Networks (ANNs) for data quality control of environmental time series and for reconstruction of missing data. ANNs are applied to the following problems: i) short and medium-term predicting of air pollutant concentrations in...

Artificial neural networks times series nowcasting - forecasting - interpolating - extrapolating.

Observations of the directional spectrum relaxation of wavefields in slowly and rapidly turning winds


Tsanis I.K. and Brisette F.


A so called “Exact Form” of the Maximum Likelihood Method is used to obtain directional spectrum estimates from a 3-meter NDBC discus buoy, part of the Surface Wave Dynamics Experiment (SWADE) field array. The method was used to look at the response of wavefields to turning winds with various wind...

water waves directional spectra +3 more

Metal Speciation Studies in a Brakish/Marine Interface System


Scoullos M. J. and Pavlidou A. S.


The paper presents some interesting results of metal speciation studies employing Anodic Stripping Voltammetry (ASV) applied in a dynamic natural system such as the brakish – marine interface formed between the polluted waters discharged by the Koumoundouros lake and the marine ones of the Gulf of...

Metal speciation Koumoundouros lake +5 more

Central Composite Design in a Refinery’s Wastewater Treatment by Air Flotation


Rigas F., Panteleos P. and Laoudis C.


Water resulting from the dewatering process of petroleum storage tanks was treated in a pilot separator to investigate the effectiveness of the combined action of a coagulant (aluminum sulfate) and a cationic flocculant (NALCO 71403). Central composite design of experiments was used to construct...

Optimization bench-scale separator +2 more

Removal of dyes from aqueous solutions by adsortion on mixtures of fly ash in batch and column techniques


Albanis T.A., Hela D.G., Sakellarides T.M. and Danis T.G.


Adsorption and removal of commercial dyes were studied in aqueous suspensions of fly ash mixtures with a sandy clay loam soil of low organic matter content. The commercial dyes, acid orange 7, acid yellow 23, disperse blue 79, basic yellow 28 and direct yellow 28 represent the widely used nitroazo...

Azo dyes fly ash +5 more

Detection of TNT-Contamination in spiked soil samples using SPME and GC/MS


Psillakis E., Naxakis G. and Kalogerakis N.


Soil-contamination from toxic explosive residues at military bases throughout the world, is a major environmental concern. A strong candidate for TNT soil-contamination within Greece, is the military base/airport of Maleme in Crete. While soil sampling was in progress new routes of trace analysis...

explosive GC/MS +2 more