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An environmental approach for the management and protextion of heavily irrigated regions

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    Stathatou P.G., Tsoukala V.K., Papadopoulou M.P., Stamou A., Spiliotopoulou N., Theochari C.and Papagrigoriou S.

In this paper the results of a preliminary study that investigates water footprint (WF) concept, as a
useful tool to address water management problems in cultivated areas are presented. The two basic
methodologies reported in the literature, their applicability, benefits and challenges were previously
analyzed and evaluated by Tsoukala et al. (2011). A WF calculation for the crops of Messara valley
in Crete is presented, so as to examine its contribution to achieving effective agricultural policies.
Messara is one of the most important agricultural regions in Greece that faces serious problems in
order to meet crop irrigation demand. The conclusions drawn from this analysis showed that WF can
provide a transparent framework for the identification of potentially optimal alternatives for efficient
water use at river basin catchment level.

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