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Degradation of phenol in wastewater using anolyte produced from electrochemical generation of brine solution

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139 - 144

Azni Idris and Katayon Saed
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This paper presents the degradation of phenol in wastewater using anolyte, which is generated from
electrochemical activation process. Anolyte consists of reactive ions and free radicals, which contribute
to its oxidizing behavior. The optimum conditions, which facilitate a complete degradation of phenol,
were found using variation of dosage of anolyte and reaction time. It was found that about 20% of
anolyte was the optimal dosage which corresponded to 98% degradation of phenol after a reaction time
of 60 minutes. The main products during degradation of phenol by anolyte were found to be benzoquinone,
hydroquinone, catechol, maleic acid, fumaric acid and oxalic acid.

anolyte, electrochemical activation process, phenol degradation, phenol oxidation