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Degradation of phenol using US/Periodate/nZVI system from aqueous solutions

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Advanced Oxidation Processes

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360 - 357

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Shervin Adabi
Seid-Mohammadi A., Asgari Gh., Shokoohi R.,Baziar M., Mirzaei N., Adabi Sh., Partoei Kh
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In the present work, the degradation of phenol from aqueous solutions was investigated using periodate/zero valent iron nanoparticle (nZVI) in the presence of ultrasound at a batch reactor. The Experimental tests were carried out using pre-designated amounts of nZVI, periodate, and pH ranging from 1-7 mM, 0.5-5 mM, 3-11 respectively. During the all experimental tests the ultrasonic reactor was operated at a fix frequency (40 kHz), temperature (33±1) and power (350 W). The results of nZVI/periodate/ultrasound system on degradation of phenol showed that the removal efficiency was frankly affected by the amount of produced free radicals to initiate the oxidative decomposition of phenol. As, with enhancing the nZVI loading to 3 mM and periodate concentration to 3 mM, the removal efficiency of phenol was increased. Besides, the acidic pH (pH=3) was found to be more effective than neutral and alkaline pH in degradation of phenol.

(Periodate, nZVI, ultrasound, phenol, degradation)