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Statistical analysis of temperature changes in israel: an application of change point detection and estimation techniques


Gurevich G., Hadad Y,. Ofir A and Ohayon B.


The main goal of this study is to present and apply recently developed nonparametric change point detection and estimation techniques for confirming patterns of regional changes in temperature. Utilizing these methods, monthly temperatures (mean, mean maximum, mean minimum) and diurnal temperature...

Regional Climatic Changes Diurnal Temperature Range +2 more

Catchment scale hydrological modelling: A review of model types, calibration approaches and uncertainty analysis methods in the context of recent developments in technology and applications


Pechlivanidis I.G., Jackson B.M., McIntyre N.R. and Wheater H.S.


In catchment hydrology, it is in practice impossible to measure everything we would like to know about the hydrological system, mainly due to high catchment heterogeneity and the limitations of measurement techniques. These limitations and the need to extrapolate information from the available...

Hydrological models Model identification +3 more

Foaming control in activated sludge treatment plants by coagulants addition


Mamais D., Kalaitzi E. and Andreadakis A.


This paper presents the results of an investigation that aimed to evaluate the efficiency of various inorganic coagulants and organic polymers to combat filamentous foaming and bulking problems, caused by the proliferation of M. parvicella and/or Gordona amarae. The duration of the investigation...

foaming bulking +6 more

Assessment of biosolids in earthworm choice tests with different species and soils


Artuso N., Kennedy T.F., Connery J., Grant J. and Schmidt O.


Earthworm avoidance response is a new tool for rapid and efficient screening of potentially toxic substances added to soil environments. This technique was used to determine if five common, ecologically different earthworm species (Allolobophora chlorotica, Aporrectodea longa, Aporrectodea...

avoidance-test earthworms +3 more

Environmental perceptions of students, farmers, and other economically active members of the local population near the protected area of Axios, Loudias and Aliakmonas estuaries, in Greece


Kleftoyanni V., Abakoumkin G. and Vokou D.


This study concerns a protected area in northern Greece and examines how local people’s occupation influences their perception of environmental impacts and their views and information about the area. The target groups were local residents that (a) were employed in the primary sector, (b) were...

environmental education environmental impacts +4 more

Multivariate analysis of hydrochemical data of the groundwater in parts of Karwan – Sengar sub - basin, Central Ganga basin, India


Khan T.A.


Ganga basin is one of the world’s biggest aquifer repositories. The thick alluvium of the basin hosts its three tier aquifer system. The aquifer of the basin is under high stress due to unethical human intervention in the natural system. This warrants the need to evolve the basic hydrochemistry of...

Groundwater quality statistical analysis

Removal of C.I.Basic yellow 2 from aqueous solution by adsorption onto granular activated carbon using an on-line spectrophotometric analysis system: Kinetic and equilibrium study


Aber S. and Haddadi Esfahlan F.


The adsorption of Basic yellow 2 (BY2), from aqueous solutions onto Granular activated carbon (GAC) and its adsorption kinetics at different concentrations, GAC masses, initial pH values and temperatures were studied. The adsorption process was followed by an on-line spectrophotometric analysis...

Adsorption Basic yellow 2 +4 more

Environmental sensitivity index mapping of Lagos shorelines


Oyedepo J.A. and Adeofun C.O.


Environmental Sensitivity Index (ESI) mapping of Atlas Cove, Lagos, Nigeria was carried out with the objective of producing an Environmental Analysis Index map of the shorelines. The study integrated methodologies developed by National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) and Nigerian Oil...

ESI oil spill +3 more

An environmental health information system - assessment of the situation in Greece


Cavoura O. , Katsiri A., Katsiris N. , Mantziaras I.D. and Dalbokova D.


Presented are the results, with emphasis on the situation in Greece, of the ENHIS-2 project “Establishment of Environment and Health Information System Supporting Policy Making”. The information system is based on a set of Environmental Health Indicators developed and updated by the project...

indicator policy +5 more