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Treatment of textile wastewater by advance oxidation processes


Al-Kdasi A., Idris A., Saed K. and Guan C-T.


The use of conventional textile wastewater treatment processes becomes drastically challenged to environmental engineers with increasing more and more restrictive effluent quality by water authorities. Conventional treatment such as biological treatment discharges will no longer be tolerated as 53%...

H2O2/UV O3/UV +2 more

Application of artificial neural networks for flood forecasting.


Lekkas D. F., Onof C., Lees M. J. and Baltas E.A.


In hydrology, as in a number of diverse fields, there has been an increasing use of Artificial Neural Networks (ANN) as black-box simplified models. This is mainly justified by their ability to model complex non-linear patterns; in addition they can self-adjust and produce a consistent response when...

Artificial neural networks Real-Time Flood Forecasting +1 more

Unexplained Relationships of Height-Diameter of Three Tree Species in a Tropical Forest.


Dauda T.O., Ojo L.O and Nokoe S.K.


Associations between bivariate variables relative to the unexplained relationships of height-Dbh (diameter at breast height) models were investigated. Seven permanent sample plots measuring 40m by 250m at Omo Forest Reserve were used to assess the relationships between height and diameter at breast...

Unexplained relationship Neighbouring tree +2 more

Environmental Performance of Thermosyphonic Domestic Solar Hot Water Systems under Different Climatic Conditions: A Case Study for Greece


Tsilingiridis G., Martinopoulos G. and Kyriakis N.


Undoubtedly, sun is the cleanest energy source. Specific systems are needed however for the collection and transformation of solar energy and the manufacturing processes of such systems, as well as the production of the raw materials required, are associated with impacts to the environment. As a...

Solar energy solar hot water systems +2 more

Spatial and Temporal Distribution of Air Temperature in the Northern Hemisphere


Philandras C.M., Nastos P. Th., Kanellopoulou E.A. and Paliatsos A.G.


In the present study, the spatial and temporal surface air temperature variability for the Northern Hemisphere has been examined, for the period 1900-1996. Factor Analysis has been applied to 5o Latitude x 10o Longitude grid box data covering the area from almost the equator to 70o N. These data are...

factor analysis Air temperature +1 more