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Risk Analysis for Environmental Hazards. The case of oil spills in Crete

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39 - 51

Kassomenos P.A.
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In this paper a review of most recent practices in the field of Risk analysis are presented. Then the
available data for oil spill incidents in the area of Crete covering the period 1995-1999 are analysed and
discussed in detail. Risk analysis tables are produced in order to formulate the spatial, temporal (yearly
and monthly) risk of an incident, the correlation with the prevailing wind fields in both northern and
southern Crete, and the possibility of an early intervention the relevant authorities located at the major
port of Heraklion. Then the possible risk of an oil spill incident is discussed in relation to various sensitive
social or financial activities as well as to environmentally protected areas. Finally a formula is proposed
and applied in order to combine the various risks from an oil spill incident. As it was found,
northern Crete and especially the marine areas of Heraklion and Chania are most prompt for an oil
spill accident and its consequences. The area of Sitia follows. Southern Crete seems to be less vulnerable
to such risks.

Environmental Hazards, Oil spill incidents, Aegean Sea, Crete