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Application of the Analytic Hierarchy Process (AHP) to select the best oil spill cleanup method in marine protected areas for calm sea condition


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354 - 360

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Giambattista Guidi
Guidi G. Sliskovic M. Violante A.C. Vukic L.
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Oil spill cleanup is a complex and expensive activity. There are several commonly used techniques available today. The paper suggests criteria for the selection of the best available technique that could be employed in case of oil spills in the Mediterranean Sea under specific circumstances, i.e. calm sea and presence of marine protected areas, in order to prevent pollution. Not all the available techniques could be considered. Only three of them could be selected, as these allow the preservation of natural areas, as well as the protection of threatened species and their habitats. The Analytic Hierarchy Process method has been preferred among the great variety in multi-criteria decision making tools for the selection of the best available technique. This is a widespread decision support tool suitable for the selection of the best alternative solution to a particular problem. Twenty professionals with different expertise evaluated, through pair-wise comparisons, the alternative options to choose in a protected area. The selected emergency cleanup technique must be readily available and operational in a short time. The results give a preference to new sorbents, followed closely by the magnetic nanocomposites technique.

oil spill; best available techniques; Mediterranean Sea; marine protected areas; magnetic nanocomposites; skimmers; sorbents; Analytic Hierarchy Process